#10 Robert Griffin III
 Pos: Quarterback
Injury: Probable
Injury Type: knee
 Experience: 3
College: Baylor
Height: 74
Weight: 217
Born: 2/12/1990
 Year  Tm  Gm  Cmp  Att  Yds  TDs  Int  Sack  Rush  Yds  TDs  Fum 


Quarterback Rank: #12All Players: #60
Griffin had one of the best rookie season for a quarterback in NFL history. He stormed onto the scene, causing all sorts of havoc for opposing defenses. Unfortunately, he suffered a torn ACL and lateral collateral ligament during the playoffs. He has a long road back but could be ready for the start of 2013. The bigger issue is the health of his knee, which has already endured a previous ACL surgery. This could be an issue going forward. But before the injury, Griffin had a monster regular season. He had 27 total touchdowns to just five interceptions. His low turnover total was remarkable for a rookie. He had more than 4,000 total yards of offense. Griffin did a ton of damage running the ball, rushing for 826 yards. He had five games with 80-plus rushing yards. The Redskins did a great job of tailoring the offense around Griffin. He will be the focal point of the offense for years to come. The issue will be if he can stay healthy, taking as many hits as he does. Griffin is very accurate for a young quarterback and throws a great deep ball. He can make all the throws. He also rarely turns the ball over and reads defense well. He is an elusive runner with game-breaking speed at the quarterback spot.
Griffin is a bit of a risk as he returns from a major knee injury. Plus, he will be prone to injury with the way he plays the game. But when playing, he is capable of carrying a fantasy team, making him an elite fantasy quarterback. We expect his rushing numbers to dip some this season while his passing stats go up. He can throw for 3,700 or so yards and 25 touchdowns in the offense while rushing for 500 or 600 yards and five touchdowns. Just be prepared for him to miss a game or two along the way.

comments about Robert Griffin III


Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III said he will not wear his knee brace in 2014. Griffin has already started throwing to some of his teammates this offseason, and he'll work out later this month in Arizona will some skill players, including WR Pierre Garcon and RB Alfred Morris.
Source: KFFL.com
Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III has already started throwing to some of his receivers this offseason, and he's scheduled to meet with some of his receivers, tight ends and running backs in Arizona in March to work out together. Griffin also plans to work out with former NFL quarterbacks coach Terry Shea again in order to improve his footwork and to speed up his release. Griffin was unable to do any of that last offseason while he was rehabbing from knee surgery. In 2014, he'll likely play without a protective knee brace, too.
Source: KFFL.com
Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan talked about his relationship with QB Robert Griffin III in his time with the Washington Redskins. "And a thing that I always did with him - and that we did with each other - is when stuff would come out, we'd address it," Shanahan said. "You know, we'd get into our room, we'd talk about it and make sure we felt good about it. And I think Robert and I, through a very tough time, we managed to keep our relationship through the year. I'm not gonna say it was easy. Nothing's easy when you go through something like that. But I do believe going through it, Robert and I, in the long run, it'll make both of us better. It's something that is a challenge, and I do believe going through that, as hard as it was, will help me. And I think when it's all said and done and Robert and I look back on it, I'm really appreciative of some of the stuff he did for me. And I really believe he'll be appreciative of some of the stuff I did for him."
Source: KFFL.com
Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said he won't be trying to turn QB Robert Griffin III into a pocket passer next season. 'I'm not going to try to turn RGIII into Andy Dalton or Drew Brees. He isn't them. They're not him. I would be foolish to try to turn RGIII into a pocket passer. It would be foolish. The way he is as a runner, we have to take advantage of that. He strikes fear into defensive coordinators when he runs outside. I'm going to let him be himself,' Gruden said.
Source: KFFL.com
Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said he has spoken with QB Robert Griffin III but the talks have been limited because of the NFL's rules governing offseason activities.
Source: KFFL.com
Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said QB Robert Griffin III will be the team's starting quarterback and will not have to compete for the job.
Fantasy Impact: This isn't a surprise, especially since Kirk Cousins played so poorly down the stretch.
Source: KFFL.com
Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III said he is excited about the hiring of head coach Jay Gruden and looking forward to working with him.
Source: KFFL.com
Washington Redskins new head coach Jay Gruden said he is in favor of running the read option, and he is very impressed with the skill set of QB Robert Griffin III. 'Robert's a great quarterback,' Gruden said of Griffin. 'I see a ton of talent. I see a guy that can run. I see a guy that can move and maneuver in the pocket. I see accuracy, I see long-ball accuracy, I see toughness ... and I see a strong leader. I see every trait that a quarterback has to have to be successful. I see Robert having all of those, so why wouldn't you want to coach a guy like that? I'm excited to coach (him) and hopefully he's excited to play here.'
Source: KFFL.com
Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III would prefer to run a pro-style offense, and not run read-option running plays. A pro-style offense should work with new head coach Jay Gruden.
Source: KFFL.com
The agent for Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said getting to work with QB Robert Griffin III was a large selling point for Gruden picking the Redskins.
Fantasy Impact: Gruden is a good offensive mind so maybe he can get Griffin's career going back in the right direction.
Source: KFFL.com


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