#34 Trent Richardson
 Pos: Running Back
Injury: Questionable
Injury Type: calf
 Experience: 3
College: Alabama
Height: 69
Weight: 225
Born: 7/10/1990
 Year  Tm  Gm  Rush  Yds  TDs  Fum  Catch  Yds  TDs  Tgt 


Running Back Rank: #50All Players: #174
Richardson had an up and down rookie season as the Browns' offense struggled to move the ball much of the year. Richardson failed to top 1,000-rushing yards but did have three 100-yard games and 12 total touchdowns. His big touchdown totals made up for his lack of rushing yards. He had seven games with fewer than 50-rushing yards. Richardson was a surprise in the passing game, though, having 51 receptions. He finished the season with 1,317 total yards, so all was not lost by any means for Richardson. He'll only get better, especially as the Browns' offense improves, which should be the case this season. Richardson is a big back with pretty good speed. He is a physical runner that does well in finding the hole and making plays after contact. He is an improving receiver and does well in the screen game. Richardson doesn't have breakaway speed, though, and has a bit of a hard time breaking many plays to the outside.
Richardson was overlooked a little last year but his numbers in the end were just fine for fantasy teams. He should improve on those this season, making him a guy to consider as a low-end No. 1 back. He has high upside as the workhorse back for the Browns. He can get 1,600 total yards and double-digit scores in 2013.

comments about Trent Richardson


Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said it will be important for RB Trent Richardson to participate in all of the offseason workouts so he can get more comfortable with the offense. 'He wants to be great. He's got all the talent. He's got all the ability. We would have never done what we did if we didn't believe that deep down in our core. So we look for him to have a great offseason and to have a great 2014 campaign,' Pagano said.
Fantasy Impact: This is sure looking like a make or break season for Richardson. He needs to get going in a hurry.
Source: KFFL.com
Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said the sky is the limit for RB Trent Richardson and that having a full offseason will help him in preparation for 2014.
Fantasy Impact: We'll see. Richardson needs to really get things going this year.
Indianapolis Colts RB Trent Richardson (shoulder) underwent shoulder surgery following the season, but it was 'just a scope.' The surgery shouldn't affect his offseason training.
Source: KFFL.com
Indianapolis Colts RB Trent Richardson plans on spending the offseason studying the playbook and learning the system. Learn the system, not just memorizing it, Richardson said. Learning the whole concept of the system. There's a difference between having it memorized and feeling comfortable with the system. I'm going talk to a lot of veteran players, talk to Adrian (Peterson), talk to (LaDainian Tomlinson), talk to Emmitt Smith to make sure I'm the best I need to be next year.
Fantasy Impact: Richardson could be in a make or break year next season. He needs to take a big step forward.
Indianapolis Colts TE Coby Fleener defended the trade that sent RB Trent Richardson to the team. 'I still think it was a great trade for us,' Fleener said. 'Our front office has done an awesome job putting together teams from Day One. I think that acquisition is going to be huge for us and pay dividends in the future.' Fleener dismissed the idea that Richardson's play was a dissapointment. 'Let me stop you right there,' he said. 'I think part of it is you're coming into an offense that's probably one of the most complex in the NFL. And so for him to play a week after being there was impressive because it took me a year and a half to learn the offense. I think this camp will do him a lot of good, and then you guys can judge him after that.'
Source: KFFL.com
The Indianapolis Colts and general manager Ryan Grigson don't regret trading for RB Trent Richardson this year and giving up a first-round pick to acquire him. 'It was such a bold and aggressive move and so forth, but really from a football standpoint, we needed a starting running back,' Grigson said. 'Trent was made available ... I'm glad we have him for the long haul. It was very economically wise as a franchise to make the move given where we're going with the run game.' Grigson remains committed to Richardson moving forward, even though RB Donald Brown took the starting job from him this year.
Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said RB Trent Richardson is still a part of the team's future even though he struggled this season. 'He wants to be great. He's got all the talent, he's got all the ability. We would never have done what we did if we didn't believe that. We look for him to have a great offseason and have a great 2014 campaign.'
Fantasy Impact: Richardson has a long ways to go after last season but the Colts will give him another year to find out if he is really a bust. He can turn it around.
Source: KFFL.com
Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton said the team won't hesitate to use RB Trent Richardson in the divisional round against the New England Patriots this weekend after Richardson fumbled the only carry he had in the team's win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the wild card game. 'Trent actually did a great job of playing without the ball. His ability to take on those linebackers and handle all the different blitzes that we started to see, especially late in that game, was a big part of our success. No, I haven't lost any confidence in Trent at all. As a matter of fact, we're counting on Trent and Donald and even Tashard (Choice) because we only have a few backs to be ready to go out and play,' Hamilton said.
Fantasy Impact: Richardson still isn't worth using for fantasy teams - even if he gets some chances this week.
Source: KFFL.com
Indianapolis Colts RB Trent Richardson feels like he needs to redeem himself after fumbling in the team's wild card game. 'You feel like you've got to redeem yourself for it,' Richardson said. 'You feel like you've got to make a statement. ... That's one thing that my brother has always told me: the fastest way to get yourself on the bench is fumbling the ball. And that replays in my head every day when I come out to work.'
Source: KFFL.com
Indianapolis Colts RB Trent Richardson posted a season-high and team-leading 64 rushing yards in the Week 15 game against the Houston Texans. He also had four receptions for 38 yards, including his first receiving touchdown of the season and just the second of his career.
Fantasy Impact: Richardson remains a risk for the rest of this season but it was good to see him actually produce some.
Source: KFFL.com

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