Nickname: Justin_Cox
Fantasy Player Rank: #34
Fans: 9

20 Money League Teams

All-AmericanMartha Washington (1)inAA Test Run #1
All-AmericanBellatrix Lestrange (2)inWednesday sleeper
All-AmericanAlyssa Milano (3)inSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanPatricia Arquette (4)intuesdays gone
All-AmericanKelly Clarkson (5)inMarch madness
All-AmericanPat Summit (6)inSaturday night live
All-AmericanLisa Leslie (7)intuesdays gone
All-AmericanCheryl Miller (8)inThe Franchise Quarterback
All-AmericanTina Turner (9)inKeep The Chains Moving
All-AmericanDrivin' (10)inFriday night lights
All-AmericanDiana Ross (11)inEaster Eve
All-AmericanCatelyn Tully (12)innight moves
All-AmericanPaula Abdul (13)inDraft Addicts
All-AmericanDominique Moceanu (14)inDraft Pros
AudibleJC-AM-1inAndre "Bad Moon" Rison
AudibleJC-AM-2inmonday night raw
AudibleJC-AM-3inTrouble Makers
AudibleJC-AM-4inBob Marley-Red Red Wine
AudibleJC-AM-5inI'm Making The Playoffs
AudibleStart the Year off RighinDiaper League #1

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonJames Starks of Winterfin14th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonJustin Cox (Gold)in14th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonJustin CoxinKFFSC Big Game Week Dynasty Keepe

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