Nickname: Justin_Cox
Fantasy Player Rank: #30
Fans: 8

124 Money League Teams

ChampionshipJSoW-Championship2inFantasy Championship 7/1 8:00PM #
ChampionshipJSoW-Championship1inFantasy Championship 6/17 10:00PM
High StakesJSoW-HS2inCruisin for a Bruisin
High StakesOUTinHis and Hers
All-AmericanOUTinFriday night frenzy
All-AmericanJames Starks of WinterfinTuesday Night Draft
All-AmericanOUTinhappy easter
All-AmericanOUTinThursday Night Draft
All-AmericanOUTinBo knows drafts
All-AmericanOUTinwednesday night fiasco
All-AmericanOUTineating shrimp
All-AmericanOUTinsunday night stoned
All-AmericanOUTinChicago Draft
All-AmericanJC-AA-9**** IN WINNERinThurs I think
All-AmericanOUTinYO YO YO and YO
All-AmericanOUTinPost-Draft Hype
All-AmericanOUTinDeep Water Draft Night
All-AmericanOUTinThe Draft Is Over
All-AmericanOUTinGame Time
All-AmericanOUTinwednesday night fiasco
All-AmericanOUTinLate fun
All-AmericanOUTinThursday Night Football
All-AmericanOUTinBears Go Berzerk on The Packers
All-AmericanOUTin4-3 defense cover 2
All-AmericanOUTin2nd chance
All-AmericanJC-AA-20**** IN WINNERinFootball Junkies
All-AmericanOUTinGridiron Greats
All-AmericanJC-AA-22**** IN LOSERinSaturday Night Draft
All-AmericanOUTinSideline to sideline
All-AmericanOUTinBa Ba Booey
All-AmericanOUTinMay's Last Call
All-AmericanOUTinEarly Birds
All-AmericanJC-AA-26**** IN WINNERinEarlyBirds
All-AmericanJC-AA-27T**** IN WINNEinLet's do it!
All-AmericanJC-AA-28**** IN WINNERinLate Night Ballers
All-AmericanOUTinSaturday Night Fun
All-AmericanOUTinFlooded With Piss
All-AmericanOUTinFather's Day Draft
All-AmericanJC-AA-32**** IN WINNERinGet Off the Field Chump
All-AmericanOUTinOut Of The Blue
All-AmericanOUTinSkills Rules
All-AmericanOUTinDoom League
All-AmericanJC-AA-37T**** IN WINNEinLet's trade
All-AmericanOUTinA League
All-AmericanJC-AA-39T**** IN WINNEinTrades are for SUCKERS
All-AmericanOUTinFun 4th Draft
All-AmericanOUTintueday night fiends
All-AmericanOUTinMega Millions
All-AmericanOUTinTrade Away
All-AmericanOUTinTraders Haters
All-AmericanOUTinAll American Draft
All-AmericanOUTinYear of the trading monkey
All-AmericanJenny**** IN WINNERin2016 Fantasies
All-AmericanOUTinFantasy Football Players Don't Cr
All-AmericanRaquel**** IN WINNERinDraft Time
All-AmericanOUTinLeague of Advanced Fantasy Footba
All-AmericanCynthia Loves Mitch****inSunday couch warriors
All-AmericanOUTinTuesday Fantasy Special
All-AmericanOUTinFantasy Football Addicts
All-AmericanOUTinFootball '16
All-AmericanOUTinAAFF 1
All-AmericanOUTinBBQ Fantasy Football
All-AmericanOUTinThe Black and Blue Division
All-AmericanOUTinAmerican Fantasy Football League
All-AmericanOUTinFriday Night Pigskin
All-AmericanOUTinTake the Next Bus
All-AmericanOUTinLegends of the Fall
All-AmericanOUTinDraft a bust!
All-AmericanOUTinEvening Special
All-AmericanOUTinSports Bar Fantasy Football Brawl
All-AmericanOUTinSixteen Rounder Winner or Loser
All-AmericanOUTinStraight cash homey
All-AmericanAnnabelle**** IN WINNEinNew Yorkers League
All-AmericanOUTinlets go
All-AmericanOUTinFumble Fantasy Football
All-AmericanOUTinFull Frontal Fantasy Football
All-AmericanAngela**** IN WINNERinRyan Lochte's Innocent
All-AmericanCersei**** IN WINNERinSuperbowl of Fantasy Football 2k1
All-AmericanOUTinMidnight Maniacs
All-AmericanOUTinProfessional Grade Fantasy League
All-AmericanOUTinManziel's empty bottles
All-AmericanOUTinReady for some Fantasy
All-AmericanOUTinLate Night Drafting
All-AmericanOUTinInjured Reserve
All-AmericanOUTinthe league of sweet licks
All-AmericanOUTinLeVeon Bells Medicine Shop
All-AmericanOUTinThe Bad Boys of Fantasy
All-AmericanOUTinWest Coast Banger
All-AmericanOUTinAll American Draft
All-AmericanOUTinGronk If You Love TDs
All-AmericanOUTinMaine PPR
All-AmericanOUTinSCOOBY sNAX
All-AmericanOUTinGod Bless The USA
All-AmericanOUTinMy clock is bigger than Big Ben's
All-AmericanOUTinNever Too Late
All-AmericanOUTinBA Invitational
AudibleJC-AM125-1****inNew Style Hi Stakes
AudibleOUTinFriday Nite Main Event TFC Format
AudibleOUTinSwimming With The Sharks 2
AudibleOUTinThe League
AudibleOUTinThe Audi Machine
AudibleOUTinThe Trouble Makers Draft
AudibleOUTinOnly The Strong Survive
AudibleJC-AM-5**** IN WINNERinBob Marley-Red Red Wine
AudibleOUTinWarriors Come Out To Play
AudibleOUTinRead Before Reading
AudibleJC-AM-8**** IN WINNERinLook Ma No Hands
AudibleOUTinSweet Summer
AudibleJC-AM-10**** IN WINNERinHit Squad League
AudibleOUTinOmaha! Omaha!
AudibleOUTinFatty's Invitational
AudibleOUTinTFC Tune Up
AudibleOUTinTFC Tune Up 2.0
AudibleJC-2inDraftmaster Tonight
AudibleJC-4inHammertime Free agency special
AudibleJC-5inTaco Corp

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonJames Starks of Winterfin14th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonJustin Cox (Gold)in14th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonJustin CoxinKFFSC Big Game Week Dynasty Keepe

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