Nickname: Mendal
Fantasy Player Rank: #15
Fans: 7

42 Money League Teams

High StakesAssassins 1HSinMarch Drafting
High StakesAssassins 2HSin1st High Stakes of the Season
All-AmericanAssassins 1AAin2017 KICKOFF
All-AmericanAssassins 2AAinSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanAssassins 3AAinSunday night shenanigans
All-AmericanAssassins 4AAintuesdays gone
All-AmericanAssassins 5AAinReady r Not!
All-AmericanAssassins 6AAinThe Franchise Quarterback
All-AmericanAssassins 7AAinKeep The Chains Moving
All-AmericanAssassins 8AAinFriday night lights
All-AmericanAssassins 9AAinEaster Eve
All-AmericanAssassins 10AAinDraft Addicts
All-AmericanAssassins 11AAinDraft Pros
AudibleAssassins 1ADinWednesday Audi
AudibleAssassins 2ADinmonday night raw
AudibleAssassins 3ADinTrouble Makers
AudibleAssassins 4ADinBattleGrounds
AudibleAssassins 5ADinI'm Making The Playoffs
AudibleAssassins 1DMinQuick fix
AudibleAssassins 2DMinRosen Under Investigation
AudibleAssassins 3DMinThe Usual Suspects
AudibleAssassins 4DMinBanned from the Baseball Lobby
AudibleAssassins 5DMinHAPPY HOUR DRAFTIN
AudibleAssassins 6DMinApril Fools Cheapo
AudibleAssassins 7DMinPead signs 3 year deal
AudibleAssassins 8DMinShaun Hill Invitationsl
AudibleAssassins 9DMinafternoon quickie dm AFAST 1
AudibleAssassins 10DMinTry Try again
AudibleAssassins 11DMinThursday Throwdown
AudibleAssassins 12DMinGoff or Glennon
AudibleAssassins 13DMinSunset Grill n Chill
AudibleAssassins 14DMinCheapo Draft & Go
AudibleAssassins 15DMinBeware of Frying Pans
AudibleAssassins 16DMinFast Money
AudibleAssassins 17DMinRock Lobster
AudibleAssassins 18DMinGet r Done
AudibleAssassins 19DMinGlennon for Hire
AudibleAssassins 20DMinEaster vs Playboy Bunny
AudibleAssassins 21DMinLet's Go
AudibleAssassins 22DMinPead or Fournette
AudibleAssassins 23DMinWhere's the Beef
AudibleAssassins 24DMinFournette Mccaffrey or Pead

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