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Four Score and Seven Outs To Go
Offseason | MLB Week 28
Kluber Lang 5 Mon Sep 25 4:18pm ET

Appreciate it sir. 🍻 to a fast off-season and hopefully we have everyone back. 

Hoof Hearted Mon Sep 25 3:59pm ET

Congrats to kluber! Look forward to offseason.

THREE Sun Sep 3 1:40pm ET

If anyone is looking for depth/upgrades lmk before the deadline passes tonight. The following players are available



Chris Bassitt

Jordan Montgomery

Jose Berrios

Tony Gonsolin

Kyle Gibson



Will Smith

Ketel Marte

Eloy Jimenez

Nick Castellanos

Josh Lowe

THREE Mon Aug 14 3:01pm ET

Tons of big time producers (pitchers and hitters) still available to playoff contenders or teams looking add for next year


Chris Bassitt

Jordan Montgomery

Jose Berrios

Tony Gonsolin

Kyle Gibson



Will Smith

Ketel Marte

Eloy Jimenez

Nick Castellanos

Josh Lowe



Kluber Lang 5 Tue Aug 8 1:08pm ET

I have some young absolute studs/aces in the making but all on innings limits.  I’m going for it all this year so will sell them for elite vets to rebuilding teams. 







Open to offers/dms/texts if easier. 216-288-6679

2 JAYS V Fri Aug 4 12:40pm ET
Mountcastle is on 🔥 and available.
Exit Thu Aug 3 11:32pm ET

Looking to trade Arozarena, Springer, or Hernandez for a pitching stud if anyone is looking to bulk up their outfield.

Also willing to deal draft picks 

Exit Thu Aug 3 9:39pm ET

Looking to trade Arozarena, Springer, or Hernandez for a pitching stud if anyone is looking to bulk up their outfield.

Also willing to deal draft picks 

THREE Thu Aug 3 3:58pm ET

In sell mode, got a lot of great pitchers and bats to help playoff contenders or anyone looking to add to their team for next year. Looking for stud prospects or young guys. 

Exit Thu Aug 3 1:58pm ET

Looking to trade Arozarena, Springer, or Hernandez for a pitching stud if anyone is looking to bulk up their outfield.

Also willing to deal draft picks 

2 JAYS V Thu Aug 3 12:41pm ET

Also available along with Alcantara : Mountcastle (hot since return from DL) & Detmers.

Willing to include prospects ( Lawlar , N Marte , Mauricio, Vargas, matos Westberg   Tidemann , Pfaadt Leiter) back in deals.

Seeking young MLB bat with big upside in deal for Alcantara.

2 JAYS V Wed Aug 2 10:24am ET

Alcantara is available for a playoff push. 
Looking for MLB player(s) . Picks can be included.


Hoof Hearted Tue Jul 25 4:21pm ET

I respectfully disagree. If you score 500 points more than the next team, you should be rewarded for that. This system rewards points which to me is more important than record. It also keeps teams with bad records in it to the end. I’m 6-8 in another league but 5th in points which keeps me interested. I’ve also seen the team that makes playoffs based on highest point total start the playoffs in the lead based on average which again to me is fair because points should be king in a points league. I’ve been in this league since the beginning (4years I think) and have never won league but I feel it’s the best system I’ve played in. Just my opinion. 

Swillberton Mon Jul 24 7:54am ET


I am enjoying the league, However, I have a complaint and I called the powers that be to express my problem and how I think they could correct it.  THE PLAYOFFS. It is a head to head league yet we have pool play for the playoffs that is totally unfair in my opinion, way weighted in favor of the best overall team. The Highest scoring team gets to play you a 3 week battle AND they get there scoring average for the season, not fair in my opinion. Playoffs should be head to head that is what I signed up for originally. (it was changed after the first year). I propose that the go to a 20 game regular season (currently 21).  Then I do agree with a 4 playoff teams (3 by record and 1 highest point  non playoff team).  But then we should have Head to Head, 1st vs wildcard , 2nd vs 3rd.  For 2 weeks, no bonus points. Straight up. Then of course Championship and Consolation matches for 2 weeks after that.  This not a big deal but if this is not corrected I will not be renewing either of my teams for the next season.  Please if you agree call the administration or talk to the moderators.  Good Luck the rest of the way!  Thank You for reading.

Kluber Lang 5 Sat Jul 22 12:09pm ET







Looking for impact veterans/older guys with some tread left to add for a playoff run. Particularly SP and possibly one more impact bar. Open to all offers and will counter if respectable 


can also text/dm-216-288-6679

2 JAYS V Sat Jul 22 12:04pm ET

Bohm, Westburg, Ezequiel Duran, Mountcastle 

Sandy Alcantara, Detmers Soroka,



2 JAYS V Sat Jul 22 11:37am ET

Bohm, Westburg, Ezequiel Duran, Mountcastle 

Sandy Alcantara, Detmers Soroka,



2 JAYS V Fri Jul 7 9:47am ET

Webb , Alcantara, Bohm , Jones , Suzuki , Mountcastle and Prospects ( Lawlar , Marte, Westburg, Neto,) available.

Looking for Young MLB with upside , prospects on the verge of call up and picks.

Just a Hinch of Cheating Thu Jun 29 1:14pm ET

Any interest in either Drew Smyly and/or Kyle Freeland lmk

Hoof Hearted Sun Jun 4 7:19pm ET

Looking for a catcher. Sending out a few offers. Let me know what you guys think.

2 JAYS V Fri May 26 10:12am ET

Alcantara is available. Still viewed as a top 10. Looking for young MLB players with upside and prospects who will be called up this season.

Bohm, Mountcastle, Suzuki, and Detmers also available.

2 JAYS V Mon May 22 9:31am ET

Suszuki is heating up and available.

2 JAYS V Thu Mar 30 8:27am ET

Elly De La Cruz available. Need SP.

2 JAYS V Mon Mar 27 9:19am ET

Looking for a SS.

Commissioner Thu Mar 23 2:25pm ET
Please note that cutdowns to the roster limit of 30 players will begin first thing this Sunday 3/26. All teams must be cutdown prior to waivers running Sunday night. Please do this yourself BEFORE Sunday so the site is not forced to decide which of your players to drop for you.

- RTSports
2 JAYS V Sun Mar 12 3:25pm ET

Need a pick this rd . Offering a 2024 6th

2 JAYS V Tue Mar 7 11:39pm ET
Would have moved him earlier for better picks. Can’t replace him with prospects this late.
Red Sox 2.0 Tue Mar 7 5:03pm ET

Was swamped all weekend and auto drafted Merrill Kelly first round, anyone who wants him I'm open to offers. 

2 JAYS V Tue Mar 7 9:23am ET

Any interest in Jackson Chourio ?

2 JAYS V Sun Mar 5 3:40pm ET
4 picks coming up. Looking to deal
2 JAYS V Sat Mar 4 4:33pm ET

#1 is available. Even willing to trade back.

Dritter17 Sat Mar 4 2:15pm ET

Ok, I’m probably out. Thanks for the response

2 JAYS V Fri Mar 3 4:01pm ET
#1 is available .
Just a Hinch of Cheating Fri Feb 10 12:34pm ET

I am looking to trade my #11 and #23 pick for 3 picks w/in the 3rd-5th round LMK if you are interested.

Hoof Hearted Wed Feb 8 2:43pm ET

Will be cutting Rasmussen, Montas, Anderson, Sandoval, Castellanos. Looking for mid to late round picks if you want to secure one of these guys.

Swillberton Wed Feb 8 2:30pm ET

Anyone interested in A New York Met or a Closer?  Hit me up!

Exit Mon Feb 6 9:37pm ET

Drury, Melendez, tellez, r Suarez, manaea, bradish, Steele, and Wong are all available for draft picks if anyone is interested. Thanks!

Imagine Dragon Deez Nuts Mon Feb 6 7:54pm ET

Im in a bunch of leagues and this BS that RTS did this year for the Dynsty Leagues, good chance I wont be back for most of them so whoever wants prospects for now players, im all ears...dont want to trade my picks...just prospects who wont help much this year

Exit Fri Feb 3 9:14pm ET
Edited: Fri Feb 3 9:16pm ET

I’ve got a pretty old team myself. Singer and Melendez are probably my most promising of the youthful. A bunch of guys, especially pitchers with a few great years left in the tank. Anyone appealing to you?

2 JAYS V Thu Feb 2 1:01pm ET

I agree.  Have 1.1 and 1.2 in other leagues.

2 JAYS V Thu Feb 2 11:44am ET

Alonso on block

Looking for SP , Pick(s) or combo

Just a Hinch of Cheating Mon Jan 30 10:02am ET

Have no interest in Garcia and I am very high on Lodolo. Thanks for getting back to me

2 JAYS V Mon Jan 30 8:09am ET

on the block

Alonso. Adolis Garcia , Susuki, Horner, Estrada 

2 JAYS V Sun Jan 29 11:31am ET

Due to the cut down change I am looking for 1 player and Pick(s).

2 JAYS V Sun Jan 29 10:46am ET

we have a while before the games start today. 
Alonso is on the block.

Just a Hinch of Cheating Fri Jan 27 6:01am ET

Has RT responded to anyone yet? I agree that the rule is good but should go into effect the following season. 

2 JAYS V Thu Jan 26 8:34pm ET
Probably won’t change anything, but everyone should message them and complain
Kluber Lang 5 Thu Jan 26 8:27pm ET
Agreed. A one year In advance warning should be a min. Anyone know any other gold dynasty baseball sites? Spend years putting the teams together for this BS but I’m out
2 JAYS V Thu Jan 26 8:26pm ET
I purchased 4 teams this month and made many deals reflecting 20 cut down. Total BS. They should put this off until next season giving everyone fair warning
Imagine Dragon Deez Nuts Thu Jan 26 8:26pm ET

This is because of the bad teams that bail and they can’t get anyone to buy them after…it makes those teams better….still BS

Kluber Lang 5 Thu Jan 26 8:23pm ET

Just asked for a refund as well. Complete trash they pull this. 20 is already thin enough. This is far from dynasty baseball

Kluber Lang 5 Thu Jan 26 8:18pm ET
Straight Fing trash
Hoof Hearted Thu Jan 26 8:17pm ET

It still says draft is 10 rounds which doesn’t make sense. Should be 12

Hoof Hearted Thu Jan 26 8:04pm ET

I kinda like it. Makes the draft a little more spicy and draft picks are worth gold. Will be cutting some really good players. 

Imagine Dragon Deez Nuts Thu Jan 26 7:48pm ET
I just emailed them and said I want a refund on all my teams…lol
Imagine Dragon Deez Nuts Thu Jan 26 7:42pm ET
Holy shit…thought this was a dynasty league….They just changed it today because yesterday was 20…..such BS
2 JAYS V Thu Jan 26 7:26pm ET

Total BS. This site is getting worse each season.

Hoof Hearted Thu Jan 26 7:19pm ET
Edited: Thu Jan 26 7:21pm ET

Hey, did you guys see that note that cutdown is now 18 not 20! Would have been nice to know that before I traded a pick away. Also holds are worth 4 points now.

Dritter17 Thu Jan 26 9:17am ET

Jose Miranda, Jorge Polonco, Jason Dominguez, Mitch Haniger, Merrill Kelly, Eric Lauer all on the block. Looking for picks

2 JAYS V Sun Jan 22 10:37am ET


Betts, Adolis Garcia, Wilson Contreras, Hoerner, Susuki, DJ LeMahieu,Matt Chapman, 


2 JAYS V Fri Jan 20 7:02pm ET
Mookie Betts on the block.
2 JAYS V Fri Jan 20 6:10pm ET

New to the League. Open for business.

Red Sox 2.0 Tue Jan 17 3:45pm ET

Players available for trade:

Keibert Ruiz

Chris Taylor

Eugenio Suarez

Marcell Ozuna

Noah Syndegaard

Taijuan Walker

Tanner Houck

Ian Anderson

Marcus Stroman

Eduardo Rodriguez

Mike Soroka

Casey Mize

Nick Pivetta

Dylan Bundy

Kyle Gibson

Jake Odorizzi

Jose Quintana

Kluber Lang 5 Fri Dec 30 1:44pm ET

Players Available individually or packaged for upgrade in player and or draft picks 

Gavin Lux

Cody Bellinger

Nolan Gorman

Bryan Bello

Miguel Vargas

Shane Baz

Roansy Contreras

Daniel Espino

Matt Manning

Luis Patino

Trevor Rogers

Sixto Sanchez

Keegan Thompson 


Rotate for more data.