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Baseball 23
Triple Play $125 - Contest Completed | MLB Week 27


Fantasy Week 1/2 - MLB Week 1/2

Rake Nation375.0vsBoats n Hose442.0
call125417.0vsColby Lakers315.0
DB TP434.0vsBudParker426.0
TWINKIES481.5vsOoh LaLa319.0
Brew HaHa2432.5vsthrow the heater!!!502.0

Fantasy Week 3 - MLB Week 3

Rake Nation284.0vsDB TP264.0
Boats n Hose261.0vsTWINKIES310.5
call125283.5vsBrew HaHa2385.0
Colby Lakers271.5vsOoh LaLa189.5
BudParker282.5vsthrow the heater!!!332.0

Fantasy Week 4 - MLB Week 4

Rake Nation169.5vscall125249.5
Boats n Hose305.5vsDB TP197.5
Colby Lakers216.0vsBrew HaHa2321.5
Ooh LaLa202.0vsthrow the heater!!!326.0

Fantasy Week 5 - MLB Week 5

Rake Nation367.0vsColby Lakers293.0
Boats n Hose239.0vsBudParker138.0
call125161.5vsDB TP264.5
TWINKIES304.5vsOoh LaLa158.5
Brew HaHa2283.0vsthrow the heater!!!229.5

Fantasy Week 6 - MLB Week 6

Rake Nation248.0vsBoats n Hose285.0
Colby Lakers230.0vsDB TP227.5
BudParker285.5vsthrow the heater!!!267.0
Brew HaHa2273.0vsOoh LaLa292.5

Fantasy Week 7 - MLB Week 7

Rake Nation253.0vsDB TP332.5
Boats n Hose361.5vscall125206.5
Colby Lakers205.0vsOoh LaLa233.0
TWINKIES303.5vsthrow the heater!!!280.0
BudParker295.0vsBrew HaHa2220.5

Fantasy Week 8 - MLB Week 8

Rake Nation318.0vsBudParker184.0
Boats n Hose206.0vsColby Lakers310.0
call125238.0vsDB TP250.0
TWINKIES262.0vsBrew HaHa2282.5
Ooh LaLa260.0vsthrow the heater!!!268.5

Fantasy Week 9 - MLB Week 9

Rake Nation251.0vsTWINKIES247.0
Boats n Hose255.0vsBudParker311.5
call125275.0vsOoh LaLa182.0
Colby Lakers202.5vsDB TP269.5
Brew HaHa2287.5vsthrow the heater!!!373.5

Fantasy Week 10 - MLB Week 10

Rake Nation350.5vsBrew HaHa2242.5
Boats n Hose259.5vsDB TP240.0
Colby Lakers166.5vsthrow the heater!!!204.0
TWINKIES225.5vsOoh LaLa276.0

Fantasy Week 11 - MLB Week 11

Rake Nation281.0vsDB TP246.0
Boats n Hose219.5vscall125268.5
Colby Lakers278.5vsTWINKIES322.0
BudParker262.5vsBrew HaHa2256.5
Ooh LaLa223.0vsthrow the heater!!!215.0

Fantasy Week 12 - MLB Week 12

Rake Nation275.0vsColby Lakers219.0
Boats n Hose203.5vsBrew HaHa2265.0
DB TP340.0vsOoh LaLa320.5
BudParker334.0vsthrow the heater!!!263.5

Fantasy Week 13 - MLB Week 13

Rake Nation286.0vsBudParker239.0
Boats n Hose293.5vsColby Lakers206.5
call125306.5vsDB TP310.0
TWINKIES277.5vsthrow the heater!!!220.5
Brew HaHa2337.5vsOoh LaLa231.5

Fantasy Week 14 - MLB Week 14

Rake Nation321.0vsBrew HaHa2245.0
Boats n Hose288.5vscall125224.5
Colby Lakers291.5vsTWINKIES292.0
DB TP256.5vsthrow the heater!!!231.0
BudParker308.5vsOoh LaLa271.0

Fantasy Week 15 - MLB Week 15

Rake Nation329.5vscall125290.0
Boats n Hose345.0vsOoh LaLa316.5
Colby Lakers186.5vsthrow the heater!!!248.0
DB TP305.5vsTWINKIES265.5
BudParker383.5vsBrew HaHa2299.5

Fantasy Week 16/17 - MLB Week 16/17

Rake Nation416.5vsTWINKIES402.5
Boats n Hose381.5vsBrew HaHa2383.5
call125335.0vsthrow the heater!!!376.0
Colby Lakers466.0vsBudParker448.5
DB TP464.5vsOoh LaLa397.5

Fantasy Week 18 - MLB Week 18

Rake Nation199.0vsColby Lakers228.0
Boats n Hose183.5vsthrow the heater!!!255.0
call125244.0vsOoh LaLa256.5
DB TP220.5vsBrew HaHa2236.0

Fantasy Week 19 - MLB Week 19

Rake Nation322.0vsthrow the heater!!!234.0
Boats n Hose340.5vsDB TP283.5
call125246.5vsColby Lakers260.0
TWINKIES226.0vsBrew HaHa2274.0
BudParker312.0vsOoh LaLa265.5

Fantasy Week 20 - MLB Week 20

Rake Nation316.0vsOoh LaLa312.0
Boats n Hose344.5vsTWINKIES310.0
call125312.5vsthrow the heater!!!217.5
Colby Lakers217.5vsBrew HaHa2182.0
DB TP283.0vsBudParker406.0

Fantasy Week 21 - MLB Week 21

Rake Nation278.5vscall125227.5
Boats n Hose302.5vsOoh LaLa228.0
Colby Lakers313.5vsBudParker257.0
DB TP291.5vsBrew HaHa2217.0
TWINKIES216.5vsthrow the heater!!!191.5

Fantasy Week 22 - MLB Week 22

Rake Nation301.0vsthrow the heater!!!306.0
Boats n Hose226.5vsColby Lakers312.0
call125197.0vsBrew HaHa2297.0
DB TP256.5vsTWINKIES366.0
BudParker244.0vsOoh LaLa255.0

Fantasy Week 23 - MLB Week 23

Rake Nation301.0vsOoh LaLa359.0
Boats n Hose278.0vsthrow the heater!!!300.5
Colby Lakers250.0vsDB TP262.5
TWINKIES175.5vsBrew HaHa2378.5

Fantasy Week 24 - MLB Week 24

Rake Nation265.5vsBoats n Hose347.0
call125123.5vsColby Lakers287.5
Brew HaHa2217.0vsOoh LaLa220.5
DB TP289.5vsthrow the heater!!!248.0

Playoff Week 1 - MLB Week 25

DB TP309.0vsRake Nation251.5
Boats n Hose279.0vsTWINKIES296.5

Playoff Week 2 - MLB Week 26

DB TP227.0vsTWINKIES286.5

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