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Offseason | NBA Week 26
Pera Tue Jan 23 8:49pm ET

Still have Luke Kenard and Kevin Looney who may be of some use down the stretch. I’d be willing to package both along with a 4th round pick for a #2…..if anyone is interested. I don’t think Bane and Smart will be returning this year, although they might. Kenard should be good for 25 fantasy points a night. 

Pera Sun Jan 21 11:19pm ET

Willing to trade Wiggins, Huerter & Kenard for draft picks. I would need keepers in return for other guys. 


Pera Sun Jan 21 8:13pm ET

I’m open to trading Jordan Poole for a 2024 #2 & #3 pick, if anyone is interested. 

YS_BB_DYN125_1 Mon Dec 25 11:09am ET

Harden is on the block. Please don't offer guards and late (5th-round and on) picks.

Slime Balls Wed Sep 20 5:03pm ET

I love it...Slime team name...thanks, Wah Wah...

Flint Wed Sep 20 1:37pm ET

I don't need a play by play break down of what happened. If you just cut CP after finding out you couldn't keep him we wouldn't be here. But you traded him, and called me a cry baby. And you knew why I was complaining. It makes you look like a idiot and slime ball in my eyes. And other peoples eyes too apparently.



Slime Balls Wed Sep 20 7:23am ET
And, again, this is not about me trying to circumvent the rules, I completely understand the logic behind it, but when you are told you can keep an IR player and it shows your roster good at Green 12/12…that is very misleading. I will be very interested to see where Paul goes in the draft
Slime Balls Wed Sep 20 7:19am ET
That’s when I took first offer on Paul. Not mad they reversed trade, only that they mislead me in the email on Saturday and that I was stupid not to accept that 4th
Slime Balls Wed Sep 20 7:16am ET
I was still good on Monday with a Green 12/12, until they took Case off of IR Out designation and then I was forced to add him to my roster and try to either trade Paul or cut someone
Slime Balls Wed Sep 20 7:13am ET
I put a message up on the board asking what was the deal and only then was answered by Commish stating they messed up with that email
Slime Balls Wed Sep 20 7:12am ET
Sunday they took Cade off my IR and sent me email saying I was in roster violation. I put Cade back on my IR and was once again Green 12/12
Slime Balls Wed Sep 20 7:11am ET
That gave me indication I would be able to keep Paul as my 12th and Cade as my 13th on IR. So, I felt like I could get better than a 4th, rejected offer and put Paul on trade block via message board
Slime Balls Wed Sep 20 7:07am ET
I had Cade on IR, which showed my roster at Green 12/12 on Saturday Night after the email during the day which said IR didn’t count towards roster cap
Vancouver Grizzlies Tue Sep 19 10:19pm ET

Image of Jimmy doesn't like misunderstandings.

YARN | Jimmy and misunderstandings kind of clash. | Seinfeld (1989) -  S06E19 The Jimmy | Video clips by quotes | 98c9a4d9 | 紗

Image of Jimmy holds grudges. Let Jimmy go.

Flint Tue Sep 19 8:57pm ET
Excuse me?
Jimmy it boils down to you not knowing the league rules...plain and simple. I don't care what the rts email said, I seen it too. The rules haven't changed in the 4 years the league has been running. Everyone should try reading them some time. Stop trying to blame RTS. They admitted there mistake with the email.
You should of accepted that trade on the Saturday for the fourth rounder then, instead of trying to get a 2nd rounder. You ran out of time to make a trade, then cut your loses and made that garbage trade last night. Why should you get 2 extra days after roster cut down to make a trade?? Cause you don't know the rules? You knew them last night.
Everybody else cut there 13th man, but you traded it for draft capital, and where just suppose to be okay with that?? C'mon man.
Cut Down Dates

Following each season there will be a roster cut down deadline on the 3rd Saturday in September. The exact date will be indicated on the website. All teams must trim their rosters to 12 players by this deadline. All players must be removed from the Injured List by this deadline. Teams failing to cut their rosters will have them cut by the commissioner.


The Jastafarians Tue Sep 19 8:42pm ET

Freaks and Greeks wrote:

Jimmy Cooks wasn't at 12, he was at 13 past cut down 

Thanks F&G. Glad someone can explain things. My next question would be how did Jimmy have 13 players still after the deadline? The site should cut down immediately to 12 after midnight/3am the next day to prevent this confusion.

Last question...why you schemin' out there Jimmy Cooks?? Haha

Freaks and Greeks Tue Sep 19 8:31pm ET

Jimmy Cooks wasn't at 12, he was at 13 past cut down 

The Jastafarians Tue Sep 19 8:28pm ET

Commissioner wrote:

Trade has been reversed and Paul dropped with the trade occurring after the cut deadline. 

How do you guys allow this site to be so poorly managed? The nonsense pulled in Fantasy Baseball this year was embarrassing.

I'm totally fine with the trading being reversed but can you at least explain the decision?

Both rosters were already cut down to 12 players (cut deadline is out of the picture). Trading is allowed (I can offer and make a trade right now). What am I missing (besides Chris Paul)?


Slime Balls Tue Sep 19 4:21pm ET
Flint, did take you for a Wah-Wah, cry foul, type of fantasy player…but, having said that, I understand the logic…what’s got me pissed off is that they sent out an email on Saturday saying IR doesn’t count against roster cap, so I figured I would be able to keep Paul and in turn rejected a trade offer for a 4th rounder…then by the time they changed course, it was past the deadline and I couldn’t even get a late round flyer
Commissioner Mon Sep 18 10:04pm ET

Trade has been reversed and Paul dropped with the trade occurring after the cut deadline. 

Flint Mon Sep 18 7:33pm ET

You shouldn’t be able to trade your 13th guy now. It’s past cut down day and your roster should be at 12. If you wanted to trade it had to be by the 16th. We had all off season to make trades. I pulled my trade offer on Saturday and dropped the guys. You shouldn’t be allowed to make any trades, unless your roster is at 12 players or less. This would be unfair to everyone not involved in the trade. 

Slime Balls Mon Sep 18 12:56pm ET
Whoever wants Chris Paul over one of their current players, send me a draft pick and he is yours…otherwise I’ll cut him and you can take your chances missing out on him in the draft
Commissioner Mon Sep 18 12:00pm ET

The confusion was in Friday's cut-down email. Looks like that was copied from the cut-down email that gets sent a few days before the season starts. With that cut-down deadline, players are allowed to remain on the Injured List. With this one, they are not, just going by the rules on that.

Sorry for all the confusion, but yes all players will count against your roster limit for this cut down deadline, regardless of whether they are on the Injured List or not.

- Commish

Slime Balls Mon Sep 18 11:58am ET
Chris Paul available for draft pick
Slime Balls Mon Sep 18 11:44am ET
They did until about an hour ago when they removed them so that we couldn’t put the players on IR. Kind of ridiculous considering nobody knows the true start of season status for guys like Cade or LaMelo