Nickname: BSFD
Fantasy Player Rank: #301
Fans: 2

34 Money League Teams

ShootoutBest BETinPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ChallengeBest BETinPlayoff Challenge 50.74
ChampionshipBest BetinFantasy Championship 8/28 1:00pm
High StakesThe BearsinAuction Anonymous
High StakesBearsinLiquor in Front and Poker in Back
High StakesBest BetinSaturdays are for the boys
High StakesBest Bet 25inThe XFL of RT Sports
High StakesBSFDinto play or not to play
High StakesBSFD T25inAxElf Lunatics
FaceoffBest BETinTennessee 50 Bracket 1
FaceoffBest BET 1inLos Angeles Rams 50 Bracket 2
FaceoffBest BET 10inAtlanta 50 Bracket 11
FaceoffBest BET 11inTampa Bay 50 Bracket 12
FaceoffBest BET 12inChicago 50 Bracket 13
FaceoffBest BET 13inNew England 50 Bracket 14
FaceoffBest Bet 14inChicago 50 Bracket 15
FaceoffBest BET 15inMinnesota 50 Bracket 16
FaceoffBest BET 2inDenver 50 Bracket 3
FaceoffBest BET 3inJacksonville 50 Bracket 4
FaceoffBest BET 4inCincinnati 50 Bracket 5
FaceoffBest BET 5inNew Orleans 50 Bracket 6
FaceoffBest BET 6inChicago 50 Bracket 7
FaceoffBest BET 7inArizona 50 Bracket 8
FaceoffBest BET 8inWashington 50 Bracket 9
FaceoffBest BET 9inBaltimore 50 Bracket 10
FaceoffBest BetB 16inPhiladelphia 50 Bracket 17
Draft Slot123456789101112

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