Nickname: BSFD
Fantasy Player Rank: #211

24 Money League Teams

ChampionshipBest BetinFantasy Championship 9/6 11:00AM
ChampionshipBest Bet 25inFantasy Championship 9/6 1:00PM #
High StakesBest BetinStark Industries
High StakesBest Bet 25inThe Unusual Suspects
All-ProBest Bet 1inFootball Rules
All-ProBest Bet 25inGeniuses of the Gridiron Lives
All-ProBest BetinGoal Line
Faceoff1 Best BetinSecond Down 49.1 Bracket 13
Faceoff1 Best Bet 25inFourth Down 49.1 Bracket 14
Faceoff1 25 Best BetinThird Down 49.1 Bracket 15
Faceoff25 Best BetinFirst Down 49.2 Bracket 12
FaceoffBest BetinFirst Down 49.2 Bracket 9
FaceoffBest BetinFourth Down 49.1 Bracket 8
FaceoffBest Best 25inFirst Down 49.2 Bracket 11
FaceoffBest BetinGoal Line 49.1 Bracket 5
FaceoffBest Bet 1inFirst Down 49.2 Bracket 10
FaceoffBest Bet 1inGoal Line 49.1 Bracket 7
FaceoffBest Bet 25inTouchdown 49.1 Bracket 6
Draft MastersBest BetinGiggity giggity giggity
Draft MastersBest Bet 1inTuesday Nooner

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