Nickname: BSFD
Fantasy Player Rank: #235
Fans: 2

12 Money League Teams

Big LeagueBEST BET 1 PWKinMLB 19
Big LeagueBest Bet 25 PEWinBL 50 4hr III
Big LeagueBest Bet pwkinBL 50 4hr XVII
Big LeagueBest Bet T25 PHRinMLB 19
Big LeagueBSFD OAinBL 50 4hr VI
Big LeagueBSFD T25 PHRinBL 50 2hr IV
Big LeagueCUBS 19 PEWinBL 50 4hr V
Big LeagueCUBS 2019 PHRinGreta van fleets
Big LeagueCUBS PAinBL 50 4hr IV
Big LeagueT25 BSFD PHRinTuesday Night $50 Auction
High StakesBest BET pHRinHS 125 8hr XVI
High StakesCUBS OAinHS 125 4hr III

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