Nickname: Hawk55
Fantasy Player Rank: #32
Fans: 5

46 Money League Teams

AudibleAudible1inNHL N DRAFT
Draft MastersDM1inprimetime
AudibleBUGSin8 teams - but bigger roster
Draft MastersBUGS-1/100inBest Ball 100 4hr II
Draft MastersBUGS-2/100inBest Ball ~ The Final Countdown
Draft MastersBUGS-1/50inGroundhog's Day
Draft MastersBUGS-2/50inBest Ball 50 2hr VIII
Draft MastersBUGS-3/50inBest Ball 50 4hr IV
Draft MastersBUGS-37inFor those about to ROCK
Draft MastersBUGS-4/50inBest Ball 50 2hr III
Draft MastersBUGS-1inDM Roto 20 4hr IX
Draft MastersBUGS-10inInternship
Draft MastersBUGS-11inAuction
Draft MastersBUGS-12inHit the Cutoff Man
Draft MastersBUGS-13inBeerleague
Draft MastersBUGS-14inBest Ball 20 4hr XXVIII
Draft MastersBUGS-15inDM Roto 20 2hr XXIV
Draft MastersBUGS-16inBlizzard Warning
Draft MastersBUGS-17inBest Ball Sunday Night
Draft MastersBUGS-18inMonday Night Quickie
Draft MastersBUGS-19inQuick Draft
Draft MastersBUGS-2inI own You
Draft MastersBUGS-20inEasymoney
Draft MastersBUGS-21inRun down on the River
Draft MastersBUGS-22inTuesday Night Draft Time
Draft MastersBUGS-23inDM Roto 20 4hr III
Draft MastersBUGS-24inBeerleague bb A
Draft MastersBUGS-25inYankees suck
Draft MastersBUGS-26inBest Ball 20 8hr III
Draft MastersBUGS-27inYamlees Blow
Draft MastersBUGS-28inSt Pat BB
Draft MastersBUGS-29inAnd Did I Hear a Niner In There?
Draft MastersBUGS-3inZZZZZZZ
Draft MastersBUGS-30inMonday Night
Draft MastersBUGS-31inBest Ball 20 2hr III
Draft MastersBUGS-32inBest Ball 20 2hr IV
Draft MastersBUGS-33inRainbow Trout
Draft MastersBUGS-34inBest Ball 20 2hr VI
Draft MastersBUGS-35inbid em up
Draft MastersBUGS-36inSliding home
Draft MastersBUGS-4inBest Ball 20 4hr XIII
Draft MastersBUGS-5inWestCoast
Draft MastersBUGS-6inSaturday Night
Draft MastersBUGS-7ALinAL Only Challenge
Draft MastersBUGS-8inFriday Night Auction DM for Poor
Draft MastersBUGS-9inSaturday Best Ball w/Bench

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