Nickname: Hop19
Fantasy Player Rank: #47
Fans: 4

21 Money League Teams

All-AmericanPhilly SpecialinHot Chubb Time Machine III
All-AmericanPops TeaminLabor Day Cook Out
All-AmericanPrestige WorldwideinLets Do This Thing
All-AmericanProject MayheminF A N T A S Y F O O T B A L L
All-AmericanVandelay IndustriesinLabor Day Classic
All-AmericanWeapon XinSplit the Uprights
Triple Play20TP - Ace NinainNo You X2
Triple Play20TP - Auction Action YinPlayer's Ball
Triple Play20TP - Degenerate GamblinFantasy Junkies
Triple Play20TP - Lucky 7inEarly Bird Special
Triple Play20TP - Pocket AcesinLate Sunday in January
Triple Play20TP - Project MayheminSaturday Night
Triple Play20TP - Roy HobbsinThursday Night
Triple Play20TP - Shock The SysteminMVP Decoders
Triple Play20TP - Silver Sluggersinall welcome
Triple Play20TP - SlowPlay1inTP 20 4hr VII
Triple Play20TP - So It BeginsinAngels In The Outfield
Triple Play20TP - Stone ColdinWinter Prep League
Triple Play20TP - Twin KillinginFriday Night
Triple Play20TP - Vandelay IndustrinVlad To The Bone
Slam DunkTrust The ProcessinSummerlin Basketball League
Draft Slot123456789101112

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