Nickname: Wzullo1
Fantasy Player Rank: #328

37 Money League Teams

ChampionshipJersey Jinx 27inFantasy Championship 8/30 6:30PM
High StakesJersey Jinx 22inThe Boneyard 1 - HS125
All-ProJersey Jinx 19inKeep Calm Play On
All-StarJersey Jinx 28in2 cash in 6 donate
All-AmericanJersey Jinx 14inJuly 15
All-AmericanJersey Jinx 15inSurvival of the Fittest
All-AmericanJersey Jinx 17inThe Biggest and Baddest
All-AmericanJersey Jinx 18inNFC Central
All-AmericanJersey Jinx 2inAny Given Thursday, Sunday or Mon
All-AmericanJersey Jinx 21inThe Boneyard 4 - AA30
All-AmericanJersey Jinx 23in1st time for everything
All-AmericanJersey Jinx 6inFantasy Fireworks!
All-AmericanJersey Jinx 9inFootball DIEHARDS !
AudibleJersey Jinx 29 (R)inLET"S DRAFT
AudibleJersey Jinx 8 (R)inTry a Tenner
AudibleJersey Jinx 10inMonday night wish it was football
AudibleJersey Jinx 12inafternoon delight
AudibleJersey Jinx 13inSaturday Night Drafting
AudibleJersey Jinx 20inAll Positions Spread out Evenly!!
AudibleJersey Jinx 25inSunAudi
Draft MastersJersey Jinx 11inFriday Night
Draft MastersJersey Jinx 24inThe One Hour Draft Club
Draft MastersJersey Jinx 26inPuff Puff Pass
Draft MastersJersey Jinx 3inSpeed Drafters 6/24
Draft MastersJersey Jinx 30inSunday Auction
Draft MastersJersey Jinx 4inSunday Auction
Draft MastersJersey Jinx 5inDrafting Drafting Drafting
Draft MastersJersey Jinx 7in4TH OF JULY EVE DM SNAKE
Draft MastersJersey Jinx16inAuction DM

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonJersey JinxinThe ZFFL

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