Nickname: kennethknutson
Fantasy Player Rank: #201

119 Money League Teams

All-American14 HRSinLast One For Sure
All-American3 Riversin4 Mississippi Rush
All-AmericanA Dingo ate my BradyinLunch Auction
All-AmericanAB TO PATS WHOLE NFL ISinAB release
All-AmericanAB TRUE DBinAntonio Brown's a Clown
All-AmericanAll DayinGo Shine your Getbox
All-AmericanALWAYS NEXT YR DETinMoneyday
All-AmericanAmerican WarriorinEverybodys All American
All-AmericanAny Given SundayinShake and Bake
All-AmericanBang Your HeadinDown on my Luck
All-AmericanBears Def In 10 Rd LOLinHomerun Homer
All-AmericanBennett BrauerinWarriors come out and play
All-AmericanBig Trouble in Big DinSunday July 28 Auction
All-AmericanBOOMinAuction aug 2 friday
All-AmericanBoys R Back in TowninNo kamorrow Sean
All-AmericanButt FumbleinSwiper No Swiping
All-AmericanCatholics vs ConvictsinTaking My Helmet and Going Home
All-AmericanChippendalesinWhat is your Malfunction
All-AmericanCome and Light My FavreinSuperflex your biceps!
All-AmericanCome MondayinAuction
All-AmericanComish at NFLcom is a MinAfternoon
All-AmericanDetroit PatriotsinMAGIC SUCKS!!!
All-AmericanDetroit Rock CityinHeat Seaker
All-AmericanDeuces ABinChallenger
All-AmericanDiehard Colts Fan YesteinFreaks and Zekes
All-AmericanDo Your JobinLate Night Fiasco
All-AmericanDrama Free in BurghinAuction 7-30
All-AmericanFavre Dollar FootlonginFexxen
All-AmericanFor Those About to RockinCome on Feel the Noise
All-AmericanGo BlueinThe All-American
All-AmericanGOATinSNF PPR
All-AmericanGod ComplexinTuesday Night Flex
All-AmericangreatfellainGood old AA
All-AmericanHail to the VictorsinCowboy Ribeye
All-AmericanHE HATE ME 2.0inGoodfellas
All-AmericanHE HEinTuesday Superflex
All-AmericanHead Like a HoleinPunt Pass or Kick
All-AmericanHeinz WardinDog Days of Summer
All-AmericanHell BellsinFor Those About to Rock
All-AmericanHELP ME HELP YOUinA good one- Can you handle it
All-AmericanHome Run HomerinTalkin Bout Practice
All-AmericanI Blew ItinBattle of Flexington
All-AmericanI love it LoudinHighlight Reel
All-AmericanI SWEAR THIS IS THE LASinThe Wait Is Over!
All-AmericanIt Begins TomorrowinMidnight Madness
All-AmericanITS GO TIMEinEnd of the Line
All-AmericanKARMA U 4GOT SOME PEOPLinBarry Sanders League
All-AmericanKerryon My Wayward SoninFRIDAY LUNCH TIME FEELING
All-AmericanKICK START MY HEARTinLaces out
All-AmericanLeft Boot RightinMonday Football Hangover
All-AmericanLeft SideinGrabmasters
All-AmericanLet the Paramedics SortinThat's Egregious
All-AmericanLets Go CrazyinPartyPoopers
All-AmericanLeVeon On a PrayerinMo Money
All-AmericanLIONSinEl ganador
All-AmericanLions We Suck Again 201inSunday night flex
All-AmericanLiving In a Van By the inDay auction
All-AmericanLMFAOinPass Interference
All-AmericanLooking For A Few Good inRun Le'Veon Run
All-AmericanLowly LionsinRoad To Glory
All-AmericanLUCK FME IN FANTASY 201inTrades are good
All-AmericanLuke I am Your FatherinZzzzzxz.
All-AmericanM Patricia SucksinTyreek is Freeeeee
All-AmericanMa The MeatloafinFrasco Classic
All-AmericanMake it HappeninLuck Runs Out
All-AmericanMas TequilainNo Chumps
All-AmericanMatt Foley Motivationalinbobbyboucher
All-Americanme meinVandelay Industries
All-AmericanMoneytalksinFFL Today
All-AmericanMy Name is Moe GreeninDontbescured
All-AmericanOH NO WE SUCK AGAINinThe Friend Zone
All-AmericanONE MINUTEinCrazy Trades
All-AmericanOSU BlowsinEnd the Holdouts
All-AmericanOVER THE TOPinWinners and Whiners
All-AmericanPain dont HurtinGolden Ticket
All-AmericanPERFECT FRI NT LIGHTSinAuction Newbies
All-AmericanQuarterback SlideinTGIF Fantasy
All-AmericanRed Right 88inLegends in Their Own Minds
All-AmericanRETURN OF THE MACinMonday 8-26 AA auction
All-AmericanROUGH WEEK IN FANTASYinFantasy Food Fight
All-AmericanRUSH THE QUARTERBACKinDawg's Breakfast
All-AmericanSemper FiinLive PD
All-AmericanSeriously Luck Is RetirinKeep The Chains Moving
All-AmericanShoot to ThrillinJailbreak
All-AmericanSilver RushinBlack and Blue
All-AmericanSOLinlets make some deals
All-AmericanSpider BiteinFlexissippi
All-AmericanSteel CurtaininIt's Always About the Money
All-AmericanSteelers Little Brotherin20yrs Going Strong
All-AmericanStraight Cash HomeyinFlexylvania
All-AmericanStrong SideinLeague
All-AmericanTC WILLIAMS HSinHoldouts Suck
All-AmericanTears are FallinginThe Magic Skoll Bus
All-AmericanThe GameinAfternoon Superflex
All-AmericanThe LandinFFL End Game
All-AmericanThe LaunchpadinSpider Bites 2.0
All-AmericanTHE PROGRAMinSflex-s
All-AmericanThe Truth ErtzinGoing once, twice, sold!
All-AmericanThe U of MinWhen the Le'veon Breaks
All-AmericanThe VictorsinAFC BEASTS
All-AmericanThis Buds for YouinFlex Your Muskles
All-AmericanThunderstruckinMonday 8-12 AA Auction
All-AmericanTime CriticalinGordon Gecko
All-AmericanTJ Whos Your MamainSunday Action
All-AmericanUR WELCOME FOR MY DONATinAuction Addicts Anonymous
All-AmericanWEATHER CH SHUT THE F UinWest Coast - AA Auction SFLEX
All-AmericanWHATEVER IT TAKESinLate Night Super Flex Draft
All-AmericanWho Made WhoinDirty Deeds
All-AmericanWhos Your Daddy BertierinABs Old Helmet
All-AmericanWillie Mays HayesinFlexology
All-AmericanWINNER TAKES IT ALLinLate night draft party
All-AmericanYou Are Looking LiveinWaiver Wire Wins
All-AmericanYou Talking To MeinCOMMISH AT NFLCOM IS A MORON
All-AmericanYour My Boy BlueinMonday Night Draft Party
Draft Slot123456789101112

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonKenny's Special K'sinGladiators
Full SeasonKenny's Special K'sinGoodfellas Fantasy Football Leagu
Full SeasonKenny's Special K'sinLegends in Their Own Minds

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