Nickname: kennethknutson
Fantasy Player Rank: #259
Fans: 1

43 Money League Teams

All-AmericanAmerican Bad AssinNo Field Goals
All-Americanamerican loserinFlexin like a mofo
All-AmericanBad BoysinCountdown to Kickoff
All-AmericanBite Their Knee Caps ofinTuesday Sflex
All-AmericanBlitzburghinSuper Flex Nation
All-AmericanBRBinSF w/trades
All-Americanbring it oninSteeler-Nation 1
All-AmericanCats in the CradleinBlue Cookies
All-AmericanCobra KaiinLast chance
All-Americancountdown to choasinCountdown to Chaos
All-AmericanDetroit Rock CityinGoodfellas
All-AmericanENGLEWOOD CATSinGive me your money
All-AmericanGO BLUEinLast Minute Frenzy
All-AmericanHail to the Victorsin10 Year War
All-AmericanHeavens On FireinDraft Day
All-AmericanHells BellsinEarly Birds
All-AmericanHighway to HellinFlex Machine
All-AmericanI WANT IT ALLinRedneck Rave
All-Americanim ininNY to AZ
All-Americankick start my heartinAll-American 82
All-AmericanKickstart My HeartinLegends in Their Own Minds
All-AmericanLet Her CryinKick Start My Heart
All-AmericanLittle Red CorvetteinMidnight at the Oasis
All-Americanliving on PrayerinFantasy Division
All-AmericanMake it HappeninWere Not Gonna Take It
All-AmericanMen at WorkinFriday Night Fight
All-Americanmoney talksinAll-American 192
All-AmericanNine Inch Nailsinlegends
All-AmericanNo Easy Way OutinAll-American 185
All-Americanone last timeinPLayers Club
All-AmericanPour Some Sugar on MeinLeague of Social Assassins
All-AmericanSilver RushinAll-American 242
All-AmericanSteel CurtaininAfternoon SFlex
All-AmericanSteeler NationinFantasy Factory
All-AmericanTeam DetroitinOh Yeah
All-AmericanThe BestinBidenTouchedMe
All-AmericanTNTinDirty Deeds
All-AmericanU of MinThe Dirty Dozen
All-AmericanWhatever it takesinGo Time
All-AmericanWho Made WhoinNo Points for 2nd place
All-AmericanWhos Your DaddyinThe Program
All-AmericanYou Shook Me All Night inMid day SF
Draft Slot123456789101112

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonKenny's Special K'sinGladiators
Full SeasonKenny Special K'sinGoodfellas Fantasy Football Leagu
Full SeasonKenny's Special K'sinLegends in Their Own Minds

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