How do I get paid?

Prize Winners will be notified by email the morning following the last event in their contest. All prize awards will be placed in the winner's RealTime Fantasy Sports account. Prize Winners may use the balance in their accounts to do any of the following:

  • Purchase additional RealTime Fantasy Sports games
  • Request a prize distribution check, payable in US Dollars
  • Request a direct deposit into your bank account

Withdrawal options are available under your account's My Info page, which can be found in the pulldown menu from the upper right under your nickname or “My Account”. Once in the My Info page, options are under the “Cash Out Your Winnings” section.

Prize Winners must complete an affidavit of eligibility and a liability/publicity release (unless prohibited by law) to receive a prize distribution. In order to comply with United States tax law, for prize distributions of $600 USD or more during any calendar year the affidavit of eligibility must contain the Prize Winner's tax payer identification number. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in non-payment. Prize Winners are not required to spend the balance in their account nor are they required to receive a prize distribution. Account balances do not expire and may be spent on RealTime Fantasy Sports games at anytime in the future.

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