As commissioner how do I set everything up and give owners their teams?

When you create a league by default, you are the commissioner. This allows you to perform commissioner duties such as adding teams, setting up scoring rules, creating a schedule, etc. To get started login at and enter your account ID (usually your email address) and your password.

The first time you access your league as commissioner you will need to complete some information in the setup wizard (Commissioner → Manage League → Parameters section) such as your league name, length of season, etc. In addition, you may use the Quick Setup section to setup a league with a set of scoring rules and default parameters for length of season, roster size, owner privileges, etc. You should look at all the sections on the Commissioner → Manage League → Parameters page and make sure they are setup the way you want them to be for your league.

You are now ready to add the teams in your league via the Commissioner → Manage League → Teams section. In this step you will be asked to enter a valid e-mail address for each new team. The system will send automatically send an e-mail to each team owner, inviting them to join your league. The link will include a link for them to click to claim their team. The link will walk them through the process of claiming the team as their own.

Additional Notes

  • If the commissioner does not enter a valid email address when adding a team, that team's owner will NOT receive an email to claim the team.
  • The commissioner may invite any number of individuals to own a team at any time from the Commissioner→Manage League→Teams menu.
  • Commissioner access is only for administrative functions. You will need to create a team for yourself as well.
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