Can I track player contracts in my league?

If your league is designated a “Keeper” league you can elect to use our Player Contract tracking feature. Go to the Commissioner → Manage League → General Organization page to enable this feature. In addition you can select a default contract length for any acquired player ranging from 1 to 10 seasons. If you select a contract length, any acquired free agent (via Waiver Wire, Draft, or manual roster addition) will automatically be assigned the default contract length. Any part of a season counts as a whole season. For example, if Team A acquires Tom Brady midway through the 2007 season and the default contract length is set to 2 seasons, his contract would run through the 2008 season. In the case of a trade involving a player under contract, his current contract would follow him to his new team. Lastly, any player under contract that is released from a team will have his contract deleted.

To manage player contracts as Commissioner, go to the Commissioner → Contracts page where you can modify the contract statuses of all the current roster players in your league.

To see the Player Contract status for particular players as a team owner, you can use either the Reports → Rosters page or the Teams → Capsules page.

NOTE: Any player whose contract has expired will automatically become a free agent at the end of the season they are signed through. This will take place when we transition the site to the next NFL year (March 1).

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