How do trades get approved or vetoed?

In an effort to prevent collusion among owners, a trade approval process is used. After a trade is agreed upon, it will be in pending status for at least 24 hours. All owners will be notified via email that a trade is pending. If 5 (five) owners in the league object to the trade within the pending time period, the trade will be rejected. If 5 owners do not object within 24 hours, then the trade will be approved and processed with in 6 hours. For example, if a trade agreement is made at 3:00pm Eastern on Wednesday, other owners in the league will have until 3:00pm Eastern on Thursday to object to the trade. If by 3:00pm Eastern on Thursday 5 objections have not been registered, the trade will be approved and the players will be exchanged automatically by 9:00pm Eastern Thursday.

Trades not approved before the scheduled kickoff of any player involved in the trade will not be executed. This effectively means the a trade must be agreed upon approximately 25 hours (24 hours for voting and 1 hour minimum for execution) prior to the kickoff of the first game of any player involved in the trade.

Trades that have already been proposed and are awaiting acceptance or rejection by another owner may not be proposed again until the first proposal is accepted or rejected. Trades awaiting acceptance or rejection may be withdrawn. If a trade is rejected by a vote of the league, that same trade may not be proposed again until the next fantasy week.

Each team in the league may register a single veto objection to each agreed upon trade in the league, excluding their own trades. Team owners may change their vote as often as they like during the 24 hours. No team owner in the league is required to permit or object to any trade.

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