There are a number of different ways you can be notified when important things occur in your fantasy league. RTSports offers email notifications, push notifications to the RTSports App, and Text Alerts.

Email Notifications

These are provided as an option for every notification category. Emails will be sent to all (up to 3) email addresses stored with your fantasy team (on the Team Info page).

App Notifications

These are also provided as an option in every category for football and baseball leagues (not available yet in basketball). Push notifications will go to your devices with the RTSports App installed when you're logged in with your RTSports account. If you have football leagues at RTSports, there is also a Player Notifications link on the App home page. Using this you can setup to receive late breaking news notifications on any player on your roster. Currently these notifications are limited to game day inactives and are intended to notify you when a player is declared inactive shortly before game time and may be in your lineup.

Note, you have to answer yes to enable push notifications the first time you open the RTSports app for these to work. If you answered no to this or aren't sure, you can always re-enable notifications on your device at any time.

SMS Text Alerts

Text alerts are provided as an option for live drafts. Text alerts can be sent when drafts start for all drafts. In addition, if your draft is “slow” (clock is 2hrs per pick or more), then text alerts can be sent when your team is on the clock.

Notification Disclaimers

RTSports cannot guarantee timely receipt of emails, push notifications, or text alerts. Please check your spam/junk folders if you are having problems receiving email notifications. Push notifications and text alerts have numerous networks outside of RTSports' control involved in successful delivery.

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