How does an online auction work?


Once in your league, you can go to the auction room and see how it looks, which is very similar to our traditional draft room. We generally recommend you use a browser from the following list, in this order: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10, Edge. We have free mock drafts going off every 10 minutes and they support auctions - this is a great place to become more familiar with the auction room and make sure your browser works with it. Along the top of the auction room you will see all 10 (or 12) teams listed, with a running count of how much budget they have left and what their Max Bid for the current player is. Everyone starts out with a $260 budget. Max Bid is computed based on everyone needing to fill all their roster spots and insuring they have at least $1 left to bid on each remaining spot to fill out their roster.


The teams are listed along the top in the order they will nominate players (left to right). Our auctions are Straight style, so after the last team on the right nominates a player it goes back to the first team on the left. The team nominating a player is outlined in yellow. When it is your turn to nominate a player and you've decided on a player to nominate, select him via a blue plus icon.The player will be moved to the pre-selection area and the NOM (i.e. Nominate Player) button will be enabled for submitting your player. You can specify the $ amount to nominate the player for, default is $1. You have 30 seconds to nominate a player and there are audible alerts as the clock approaches zero. If a team fails to nominate a player in 30 seconds, the system will take a player from the owner's nomination queue if they have one setup, and if a player is available to be taken. If none can be taken from the queue, the system will nominate the highest ranked player from the site's player rankings. All auto-nominations will be for $1.


There will be a minimum of 30 seconds bidding on each player, you will see the current high bid and see the clock count down and be given audible alerts as it's reaching zero. You have three buttons for bidding on a player, the bottom button is effectively a +$1 bid and will bid $1 more than the current high bid on the player. The top section has two buttons and a text box that you can fill in with a number and place either an exact Bid or a Max Bid. The top section buttons are for use when you want to bid more than $1 above the current high bid. The Max Bid you enter is similar to eBay Max Bid in that the system will automatically bid only $1 more than the next highest bid up to your Max Bid. So if you place a Max Bid of $30 and the current high bid is $10, the system will place an $11 bid for you. If another team then bids $20, the system will automatically bid $21 for you. This will continue until the current high bid is above your Max Bid, at which point the system will stop automatically bidding for you. When the clock reaches zero, the player will be awarded to the highest bidder. The default settings are such that bids made with < 8 seconds on the clock will result in the clock resetting to 12 seconds so everyone has time to react and outbid if they want. The 8 and 12 seconds are configurable in commissioner leagues, so may be different in your specific league. It takes time for a team owner's computer to transmit bids from their location to the system computers, if a bid is submitted at the last second, it may not be received before the auction countdown clock expires.


There is an AUTO-BID setting for each team owner; by default this is set to OFF, other options are ON and NEVER. Please note the Queue in the middle section of the auction room is only for Nominations and is in no way used for Bidding or Auto-Bidding.


If a team owner sets this to NEVER, the system will never bid on players for this team. If the team owner were to have connectivity problems to the auction room, their team will be left with filling a roster at the end with auto-nominations from whatever players are left.


If AUTO-BID is set to ON, the system will bid on players for this team. The system will always bid $1 more than the current high bid and it will stop bidding at a semi-random $ value that is appropriate for the ranking of the given player given an overall budget of $260 and 20 roster spots.


If AUTO-BID is set to OFF, the system will not bid on players for this team. However, the system will automatically change this setting to ON if a team owner is not in the auction room for a few minutes. Owners can override this setting at any time once they return to the auction room by clicking the red AUTO ON button in the controls area. It is highly recommended that you keep your AUTO-BID setting at OFF, this will keep your team competitive in the event you lose your connection to the auction room.

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