League commissioners can set up their league to have a Live Auction via the Parameters → General Organization page of the Commissioner → Manage League section.

Live Auction Setup

The live auction setup is accomplished using the Commissioner → Manage League → Live Auction → Setup page.

Set the auction budget. If your league uses a salary cap, you can simply choose to use the salary cap value as your auction budget. Alternatively, you can manually select any auction budget you'd like, the default and standard for most football leagues is $200. You can also specify a default minimum bid.

Set the date and time for the auction, please note times listed are Eastern! The commissioner must choose to have the auction start automatically at the time designated or the commissioner will need to manually start the auction sometime after the designated start time.

Important: If you answer “Yes” that the auction is to start automatically, be sure you have the correct time (remember that all times are Eastern!) If you or the owners enter the auction late, the system may have started nominated and picking players for your league.

Set time limits. Auctions have a number of different time settings that can be configured to make your auction flow however you'd like it to. You can specify one time to be used for player nominations. A second time can be specified for how long bids will be accepted after a player is nominated and before he is awarded to the highest bidder. Two other times values can be used to reset the bidding clock when bids are made near the end of the countdown of the bidding clock. What is generally done here is something like a reset of the clock to 30 seconds any time a bid is made with less than 15 seconds remaining on the clock. This is especially helpful in ensuring every team owner has enough time to react to last second bids.

Auctions can be setup as “slow” auctions where bidding can occur over many hours or days. If the time for bidding on an individual player is 1 hour or more, you can elect to have emails sent to team owners when picks and nominations occur. In addition, you can choose to have the auction automatically paused overnight.

Number of rounds and nomination order selection. After selecting how many rounds the auction will be, the commissioner will also need to select what order style the auction will use. The system currently only supports a straight style. The commissioner then sets up the nomination order on the upper right hand corner of the screen, either randomly or a specific order.

NOTE: The nomination order can always be changed (by the commissioner) on the auction board by going to the Update Auction option under the gear icon in the Auction Board module, then selecting the appropriate round(s) and making any changes in the order you wish. Then click update. If the auction is already running and you wish to change the nomination order, pause the auction, go to the Update Auction option under the gear icon in the Auction Board module, select the round(s), make the order change, then click on update.

Using the Live Auction

When it is time for your auction, go to the League → Auction page to open the live auction board. An owner's auto-nomination queue, if he uses one, will be displayed along with a list of available players. Once the owner has decided on a player to nominate and selected him via a Green Up-Arrow Icon, the player will be moved to a pre-selection area and the Nominate Player button will be enabled for submitting your player. You can specify the $ amount to nominate the player for, by default it will use the minimum bid as setup by the commissioner. After clicking on the Nominate Player button, the player is available to be bid on by any team until the clock counts down to zero. The system will award the player to the team with the highest bid, then the next team up in the nomination order is on the clock to nominate a player.

The commissioner can see when each owner is up to make a pick. He can also see the owner's auto-nomination queue if one is being used (unless the owner has elected to hide it from the commissioner). The commissioner can make nominations and bids for any team owner who cannot participate in the auction.

If an incorrect player is chosen by a team owner or commissioner, the commissioner can pause the auction board, go to the Update Auction option under the gear icon in the Auction Board module, select the round, check the “undo” box next to the incorrect player's name then “update”. The team that selected the nominated the incorrect player will immediately be on the clock to nominate another player.

If an owner fails to make a nomination in the allotted time, the system will select a player for them. The system will take a player from the owner's auto-nomination queue if they have one setup, and if a player is available to be taken. If none can be taken from the queue, the system will take the highest ranked player from the site's player rankings.

Another feature of the live auction is the live chat box. This is a way for the team owners and commissioners to chat with each other during the auction.

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