What is an auto draft list ?

An auto draft list has two purposes.

The first as a tool or guide for owners during the live draft. An owner can select a player from his auto-draft list or from the list of available players. As players are selected by other teams during the live draft, a line will appear through that player's name indicating he is no longer available.

The second purpose for the auto-draft list is for use in conjunction with the live draft auto pick Instant or Fail-Safe modes. If either of these is selected, the owner needs to complete a ranked auto-draft list. The auto-picker will use this auto-draft list to select players for the team owner in the order the players are ranked. The Fail-Safe mode will select a pre-ranked player from the draft auto-draft list in the order they are ranked if an owner fails to make his pick in the time allotted.

Creating Your Auto Draft List

With your live draft board screen open you will see a list of available players on the left. You can filter these by position or view the Top 300 ranked players (per RTSports Draft Guide rankings). Anywhere you see the Add Player to Queue icon, you can select it and that player will be added to the bottom of your auto-draft list.

Ranking The Players

Changing a players rank and moving him up/down the list is done via drag-n-drop. When your mouse is over the top of a player in the Auto-Draft list, you'll see an up/down arrow in the far right column. Click on this arrow and drag the player up or down the list to where you want him located and release the mouse button. The list will move the players below the player you just moved one place. There is no save button, your rankings are automatically saved any time you change them.

Team owners also have the option of hiding their Auto-Draft list from their commissioners.

Auto Draft Questions

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