How do the combined scoring rules work?

This type of scoring rule is useful if your league wants to award bonus points to players who run, pass and receive for yardage but may not have enough yardage in any of these categories to to garner many player points.

Minimum Criteria

Minimum Criteria means that the NFL player must reach a minimum amount of yardage at the given criteria category before the points for combined rushing, passing and receiving can be awarded. If the minumum criteria is not met the fantasy team will not receive any points for the category.

IMPORTANT NOTE:If you do NOT want a minimum criteria for this rule, LEAVE THE FIELD(S) BLANK! Entering a 0 in the minimum criteria boxes means that the NFL player must have at least 0 rushing, passing and receiving yards in order to receive ANY of the entered points. Example: If you enter a minumum criteria of 0 passing yards and Antwaan Randle El passes one time for -1 yards, the fantsay team possessing Randle El will NOT receive any points, no matter how many rushing or receiving yards Randle El has in the game.

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