How are trades performed?

The Commissioner can enable trading via the Manage League → Transactions → Trades page. There are 4 trade options available:

  • Only the commissioner may perform trades.
  • Owners may propose and accept (or reject) trades on their own.
  • Owners may propose and accept trades on their own, but commissioner approval is required to finalize the trade.
  • Owners may propose and accept trades on their own, but owners may register trade objections. The Commissioner designates the number of objections needed to veto a trade.

In addition, the Commissioner can select the day of the week and time by which trades must be performed each week as well as a fantasy week after which trading is suspended for the league.

Trades are performed via the Team → Trades page. When the commissioner enters a trade for 2 teams, the transaction takes place immediately and is final.

Owners, on the other hand, only “propose” trades to other owners. At that point an automatic email is sent to the other owner detailing the trade proposal. The other owner, in turn, may accept or reject the trade proposal. If Owners are allowed to accept trades on their own, accepting a trade performs the transaction for both teams, finalizing the trade. If Commissioner approval is required, the transaction is not performed until the Commissioner approves it. The Commissioner also has the capability to veto the trade at that time. If a league uses trade voting, once a trade is accepted all other owners receive an email letting them know that a trade is open for voting. They then have 24 hours to use the Team → Trades page to register an objection. If the objection threshold is reached, the trade is rejected, otherwise it is executed at the end of the 24 hour period.

NOTE: If you are part of one of our Full Season Commissioner services all trade proposals can be “hidden” from the Commissioner (this option is NOT available in our Money Game leagues). If Commissioner approval is required, he will not see the trade until both owners have accepted it. Remember, too, that the Commissioner always has the power to nullify any trade by placing the players back on their original roster (via the Teams → Add/Drop page).

NOTE: If trade voting is used, the latest the weekly trade deadline can be set is Friday at 11:59 pm ET. This is to allow time for trade voting to take place before the Sunday games. If a trade involves a Thursday player and is not accepted at least 25 hours before the Thursday game start time, it will be rejected.

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