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FFL: Week 12 | NFL: Week 12

Power Rankings

TeamW/LPointsPower IndexW/LPointsSchedRoster
maddies longos megans inc III8-31586.201.0002231
SF16 M2 WC+748-31660.800.9551113
Hi Friends7-41541.350.9214332
AA 7-1 25-61450.700.7268754
Ravens 1 d 75-61472.400.7017677
Fire Dragons SF Auc 7-066-51322.400.70151275
Ilm Murder Crows7-41491.150.67135111
Scrubs AA07-Auc6-51430.000.6506979
Skull Crusher 465-61432.100.6169858
Mountain Child 34-71510.450.5871041112
C.I.N. SFA93-81412.900.5731111106
Free Falling Detroit Lions2-91416.950.51012101210