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FFL: Week 12 | NFL: Week 12

Lineup Changes

1015 - Koto

BenchedWRJalen Reagor PHIOwnerSun Nov 29 10:44am ET
StartedRBAustin Ekeler LACOwnerSun Nov 29 10:44am ET
BenchedKJustin Tucker BALOwnerSat Nov 28 5:15pm ET
StartedKMason Crosby GNBOwnerSat Nov 28 5:15pm ET
BenchedDEFBaltimore Ravens BALOwnerSat Nov 28 4:55pm ET
StartedDEFSeattle Seahawks SEAOwnerSat Nov 28 4:55pm ET
BenchedRBJames Conner PITOwnerSat Nov 28 12:56am ET
StartedRBBrian Hill ATLOwnerSat Nov 28 12:56am ET

2 Chill - Bert Jeffrey

BenchedWRJulio Jones ATLOwnerSun Nov 29 10:13am ET
StartedWRJamison Crowder NYJOwnerSun Nov 29 10:13am ET
BenchedRBKalen Ballage LACOwnerThu Nov 26 7:57am ET
BenchedTEHayden Hurst ATLOwnerThu Nov 26 7:57am ET
StartedWRJustin Jefferson MINOwnerThu Nov 26 7:57am ET
StartedTEJordan Reed SFOOwnerThu Nov 26 7:57am ET

AA 6-08 - Glen Wirtanen

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

AA16 M3 WC-17 -

StartedTEEric Ebron PITOwnerSun Nov 29 11:56am ET
BenchedTETrey Burton INDOwnerSun Nov 29 11:56am ET
StartedTETrey Burton INDOwnerSun Nov 29 8:17am ET
BenchedTEEric Ebron PITOwnerSun Nov 29 8:17am ET
StartedRBJerick McKinnon SFOOwnerSun Nov 29 8:16am ET
BenchedRBGus Edwards BALOwnerSun Nov 29 8:16am ET
StartedRBGus Edwards BALOwnerThu Nov 26 11:57am ET
BenchedRBJ.D. McKissic WASOwnerThu Nov 26 11:57am ET
StartedWRChris Godwin TAMOwnerTue Nov 24 10:55pm ET
StartedQBTaysom Hill NOROwnerTue Nov 24 10:55pm ET
BenchedWRJuJu Smith-Schuster PITOwnerTue Nov 24 10:55pm ET
BenchedQBTom Brady TAMOwnerTue Nov 24 10:55pm ET

auct57-30 - todd callegari

StartedRBJosh Adams NYJCommissionerSun Nov 29 4:42am ET
BenchedRBJonathan Taylor INDCommissionerSun Nov 29 4:42am ET

C.I.N. 2020-A23 - victor herder

BenchedRBGiovani Bernard CINOwnerSun Nov 29 12:23pm ET
StartedRBDavid Montgomery CHIOwnerSun Nov 29 12:23pm ET
BenchedQBMatthew Stafford DETOwnerWed Nov 25 7:32pm ET
BenchedRBCarlos Hyde SEAOwnerWed Nov 25 7:32pm ET
StartedQBJosh Allen BUFOwnerWed Nov 25 7:32pm ET
StartedRBGiovani Bernard CINOwnerWed Nov 25 7:32pm ET

Cleveland Rocks 2 - Jeff Butcher

BenchedQBLamar Jackson BALOwnerSat Nov 28 12:38pm ET
StartedQBDaniel Jones NYGOwnerSat Nov 28 12:38pm ET

Guapos Revenge 9 - Zachary LaGuardia

BenchedDEFIndianapolis Colts INDOwnerWed Nov 25 5:43pm ET
StartedDEFNew York Giants NYGOwnerWed Nov 25 5:43pm ET
BenchedWRTee Higgins CINOwnerWed Nov 25 5:43pm ET
StartedWRMike Williams LACOwnerWed Nov 25 5:43pm ET

Mizzourah28A - Timothy Donald

StartedRBRaheem Mostert SFOOwnerSun Nov 29 6:59am ET
BenchedRBWayne Gallman NYGOwnerSun Nov 29 6:59am ET
StartedTEGerald Everett LAROwnerSat Nov 28 6:05am ET
BenchedTEMark Andrews BALOwnerSat Nov 28 6:05am ET
StartedRBWayne Gallman NYGOwnerFri Nov 27 10:12am ET
BenchedRBDamien Harris NWEOwnerFri Nov 27 10:12am ET
StartedWRCurtis Samuel CAROwnerFri Nov 27 10:10am ET
BenchedWRTyler Boyd CINOwnerFri Nov 27 10:10am ET
StartedDEFKansas City Chiefs KANOwnerThu Nov 26 8:51pm ET
BenchedDEFPhiladelphia Eagles PHIOwnerThu Nov 26 8:51pm ET

murtigs21 - scott cobe

BenchedTENoah Fant DENOwnerSun Nov 29 9:37am ET
StartedTEKyle Rudolph MINOwnerSun Nov 29 9:37am ET
BenchedRBSalvon Ahmed MIACommissionerSun Nov 29 4:42am ET
StartedRBJamaal Williams GNBCommissionerSun Nov 29 4:42am ET

Orangecrush AA-I86 - CHRIS BOOTH

BenchedRBKenyan Drake ARIOwnerSun Nov 29 10:50am ET
BenchedWRCorey Davis TENOwnerSun Nov 29 10:50am ET
BenchedWRChristian Kirk ARIOwnerSun Nov 29 10:50am ET
StartedRBChris Carson SEAOwnerSun Nov 29 10:50am ET
StartedWRStefon Diggs BUFOwnerSun Nov 29 10:50am ET
StartedWRSterling Shepard NYGOwnerSun Nov 29 10:50am ET
StartedDEFNew Orleans Saints NORCommissionerSun Nov 29 4:42am ET

Steve Irwins Stingrays 2 - Devin McCallum

BenchedWRAdam Thielen MINOwnerSun Nov 29 12:39am ET
StartedWRNelson Agholor LVOwnerSun Nov 29 12:39am ET
BenchedRBD'Andre Swift DETOwnerThu Nov 26 1:41am ET
StartedRBFrank Gore NYJOwnerThu Nov 26 1:41am ET
BenchedRBLa'Mical Perine NYJOwnerWed Nov 25 11:43pm ET
BenchedWRAllen Lazard GNBOwnerWed Nov 25 11:43pm ET
StartedRBD'Andre Swift DETOwnerWed Nov 25 11:43pm ET
StartedWRCole Beasley BUFOwnerWed Nov 25 11:43pm ET