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Lineup Changes

AA 7-1 2 - Fletcher Sprague

BenchedWRA.J. Brown TENOwnerThu Sep 24 11:19am ET
StartedWRBrandin Cooks HOUOwnerThu Sep 24 11:19am ET
BenchedRBJ.K. Dobbins BALOwnerTue Sep 22 10:23am ET
StartedWRA.J. Brown TENOwnerTue Sep 22 10:23am ET

C.I.N. 2020-SFA9 - victor herder

BenchedRBZack Moss BUFOwnerSat Sep 26 11:17am ET
StartedRBDevonta Freeman NYGOwnerSat Sep 26 11:17am ET
BenchedRBChristian McCaffrey CAROwnerWed Sep 23 12:45am ET
BenchedWRScott Miller TAMOwnerWed Sep 23 12:45am ET
StartedRBZack Moss BUFOwnerWed Sep 23 12:45am ET
StartedWRAllen Lazard GNBOwnerWed Sep 23 12:45am ET

Fire Dragons SF Auc 7-06 - Richard Purifoy

BenchedWRD.J. Chark JACOwnerThu Sep 24 5:24pm ET
StartedRBMelvin Gordon DENOwnerThu Sep 24 5:24pm ET
BenchedQBBaker Mayfield CLEOwnerThu Sep 24 10:40am ET
StartedQBCam Newton NWEOwnerThu Sep 24 10:40am ET
BenchedRBMelvin Gordon DENOwnerThu Sep 24 7:56am ET
BenchedWRA.J. Green CINOwnerThu Sep 24 7:56am ET
StartedRBDavid Montgomery CHIOwnerThu Sep 24 7:56am ET
StartedWRDiontae Johnson PITOwnerThu Sep 24 7:56am ET

Free Falling Detroit Lions - Kenneth Knutson

BenchedRBNyheim Hines INDOwnerWed Sep 23 9:23pm ET
BenchedRBRaheem Mostert SFOOwnerWed Sep 23 9:23pm ET
BenchedWRMarvin Jones DETOwnerWed Sep 23 9:23pm ET
BenchedWRJarvis Landry CLEOwnerWed Sep 23 9:23pm ET
StartedRBMyles Gaskin MIAOwnerWed Sep 23 9:23pm ET
StartedRBDevin Singletary BUFOwnerWed Sep 23 9:23pm ET
StartedWRKenny Golladay DETOwnerWed Sep 23 9:23pm ET
StartedWRLaviska Shenault Jr. JACOwnerWed Sep 23 9:23pm ET

Hi Friends - Zachary LaGuardia

BenchedQBTyrod Taylor LACOwnerThu Sep 24 12:22pm ET
BenchedTEChristopher Herndon IV NYJOwnerThu Sep 24 12:22pm ET
StartedRBMike Davis CAROwnerThu Sep 24 12:22pm ET
StartedTEMo Alie-Cox INDOwnerThu Sep 24 12:22pm ET
BenchedRBSaquon Barkley NYGOwnerTue Sep 22 3:37pm ET
BenchedWRCorey Davis TENOwnerTue Sep 22 3:37pm ET
StartedRBLeonard Fournette TAMOwnerTue Sep 22 3:37pm ET
StartedRBJames Robinson JACOwnerTue Sep 22 3:37pm ET

Ilm Murder Crows - Michael Fowler

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

maddies longos megans inc III - gregory daubert

BenchedRBMalcolm Brown LAROwnerWed Sep 23 6:48pm ET
BenchedWRChristian Kirk ARIOwnerWed Sep 23 6:48pm ET
StartedRBJerick McKinnon SFOOwnerWed Sep 23 6:48pm ET
StartedWRDeVante Parker MIAOwnerWed Sep 23 6:48pm ET

Mountain Child 3 - K.L. Kumetat

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Ravens 1 d 11 - Gregg Elliott

BenchedWRJerry Jeudy DENOwnerWed Sep 23 9:21am ET
StartedWRTyler Boyd CINOwnerWed Sep 23 9:21am ET
BenchedWRMarquez Valdes-Scantling GNBOwnerWed Sep 23 9:19am ET
StartedWRChris Godwin TAMOwnerWed Sep 23 9:19am ET

Scrubs AA07-Auc - Jason Sternberg

StartedWRLarry Fitzgerald ARIOwnerSat Sep 26 9:57am ET
BenchedRBBoston Scott PHIOwnerThu Sep 24 7:36am ET
StartedQBJeff Driskel DENOwnerThu Sep 24 7:36am ET
BenchedRBBenny Snell Jr. PITOwnerWed Sep 23 11:03pm ET
StartedRBBoston Scott PHIOwnerWed Sep 23 11:03pm ET
BenchedWRSterling Shepard NYGOwnerWed Sep 23 11:01pm ET
BenchedWRParris Campbell INDOwnerTue Sep 22 7:59pm ET
StartedRBBenny Snell Jr. PITOwnerTue Sep 22 7:59pm ET

SF16 ++ 152 - John Martelin

BenchedRBCarlos Hyde SEAOwnerSat Sep 26 10:02pm ET
StartedRBRex Burkhead NWEOwnerSat Sep 26 10:02pm ET
StartedTEDalton Schultz DALOwnerSat Sep 26 8:54am ET
BenchedQBDrew Brees NOROwnerThu Sep 24 5:51pm ET
BenchedWRJulian Edelman NWEOwnerThu Sep 24 5:51pm ET
StartedQBJustin Herbert LACOwnerThu Sep 24 5:51pm ET
StartedWRAdam Thielen MINOwnerThu Sep 24 5:51pm ET
BenchedWRAdam Thielen MINOwnerTue Sep 22 7:24pm ET
StartedWRJulian Edelman NWEOwnerTue Sep 22 7:24pm ET

Skull Crusher 46 - Kenny

BenchedWREmmanuel Sanders NOROwnerSat Sep 26 8:42pm ET
StartedWRAdam Humphries TENOwnerSat Sep 26 8:42pm ET