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Midnight Madness
FFL: Week 12 | NFL: Week 12

Lineup Changes

07/28 Jerryatric Jones - Alexander Hellinga

BenchedWRA.J. Green CINOwnerThu Nov 26 2:54am ET
StartedWRSterling Shepard NYGOwnerThu Nov 26 2:54am ET

07/28- Late Night Coin - Evan Gillespie

BenchedQBRyan Tannehill TENOwnerWed Nov 25 4:35pm ET
BenchedWRJamison Crowder NYJOwnerWed Nov 25 4:35pm ET
BenchedWRJulio Jones ATLOwnerWed Nov 25 4:35pm ET
StartedQBJared Goff LAROwnerWed Nov 25 4:35pm ET
StartedRBChase Edmonds ARIOwnerWed Nov 25 4:35pm ET
StartedWRJarvis Landry CLEOwnerWed Nov 25 4:35pm ET


No starting lineup changes performed this week.

16 Sixteen - Chris Holmquist

BenchedWRTravis Fulgham PHIOwnerTue Nov 24 2:38pm ET
StartedWRBreshad Perriman NYJOwnerTue Nov 24 2:38pm ET
BenchedRBDarrell Henderson LAROwnerTue Nov 24 2:38pm ET
BenchedTELogan Thomas WASOwnerTue Nov 24 2:38pm ET
StartedWRCurtis Samuel CAROwnerTue Nov 24 2:38pm ET
StartedTEJordan Reed SFOOwnerTue Nov 24 2:38pm ET

2 Too many - Niklus Vetter

BenchedWRAdam Thielen MINCommissionerThu Nov 26 6:16am ET

BLM - Andre Carlson

BenchedRBLa'Mical Perine NYJOwnerThu Nov 26 4:26am ET
StartedRBDevin Singletary BUFOwnerThu Nov 26 4:26am ET

Buster AS02 - Michael Jernejcic

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Dead Money 104 - jason stern

BenchedWRJerry Jeudy DENOwnerWed Nov 25 2:42am ET
BenchedTERobert Tonyan GNBOwnerWed Nov 25 2:42am ET
StartedQBDaniel Jones NYGOwnerWed Nov 25 2:42am ET
StartedTEEvan Engram NYGOwnerWed Nov 25 2:42am ET

DynoMutts - Joseph Kerwin

BenchedRBJordan Wilkins INDOwnerTue Nov 24 6:48pm ET
StartedWRHunter Renfrow LVOwnerTue Nov 24 6:48pm ET

Los Gueros Guapitos r5 - Zachary LaGuardia

BenchedTEJonnu Smith TENOwnerWed Nov 25 5:51pm ET
StartedTEDallas Goedert PHIOwnerWed Nov 25 5:51pm ET
BenchedRBRex Burkhead NWEOwnerWed Nov 25 5:51pm ET
BenchedWRMike Williams LACOwnerWed Nov 25 5:51pm ET
StartedRBAustin Ekeler LACOwnerWed Nov 25 5:51pm ET
StartedWRStefon Diggs BUFOwnerWed Nov 25 5:51pm ET

Psychos99Toby -

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Super Delaney 25 - Cortez Delaney

BenchedWRKeelan Cole JACOwnerWed Nov 25 11:30pm ET
StartedWRJohn Brown BUFOwnerWed Nov 25 11:30pm ET
BenchedQBMatt Ryan ATLOwnerWed Nov 25 11:30pm ET
BenchedRBAlexander Mattison MINOwnerWed Nov 25 11:30pm ET
StartedQBJosh Allen BUFOwnerWed Nov 25 11:30pm ET
StartedRBLe'Veon Bell KANOwnerWed Nov 25 11:30pm ET