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FFL: Week 12 | NFL: Week 12


Red DivisionPointsBehind
Ilm Murder Crows1507.35 
AA 7-1 21485.80-21.55
Skull Crusher 461479.50-27.85
C.I.N. SFA91430.30-77.05
Blue DivisionPointsBehind
maddies longos megans inc III1586.20 
Mountain Child 31546.75-39.45
Scrubs AA07-Auc1437.10-149.10
Fire Dragons SF Auc 7-061322.40-263.80
White DivisionPointsBehind
SF16 M2 WC+741696.80 
Hi Friends1559.30-137.50
Ravens 1 d 71477.10-219.70
Free Falling Detroit Lions1450.70-246.10