Guest of the League
Auction at Eight
FFL: Week 13 | NFL: Week 13
Waiver claim submission deadline: Fri Dec 4 11:59pm ET

Projected: Fri Dec 4 11:59pm ET

1.Cleveland Rocks 2 (1168.65pts)
2.auct57-30 (1289.05pts)
3.1015 (1425.85pts)
4.Orangecrush AA-I86 (1437.85pts)
5.murtigs21 (1457.60pts)
6.2 Chill (1483.25pts)
7.AA 6-08 (1494.15pts)
8.Steve Irwins Stingrays 2 (1526.35pts)
9.Guapos Revenge 9 (1538.30pts)
10.AA16 M2 WC-40 (1567.05pts)
11.Mizzourah28A (1572.00pts)
12.C.I.N. 2020-A23 (1607.35pts)
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