Slow Draft Clock (banked time)

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Slow Draft Clock (banked time)

Postby DevilsProspect » Sat Feb 06, 2021 3:19 am

Not sure where to post this. But I’ll probably send a message to the admin also.

Slow Drafts are great. It gives you ample time to evaluate who you want to pick. Also for die hard fantasy players, it keeps you involved in a draft for a prolonged experience.

However there is always one owner that decides to use an entire clock. Which is fine, people have jobs or have to sleep or whatever. But some guys will intentionally use up the entire 8hr clock and if you are in front or behind it can be annoying. What if you wait up for the pick late at night, it’s not picked, then you wake up and it’s all the sudden 10min left on your clock or it expired.

It also just messes up the flow and overall experience.

I wanted to think of a solution that could help RTSports come up with an interesting solution to have owners be a little more timely on their selections. (One or two run outs of the clock is fine, but this is to keep constant abuse)
So I thought maybe RTSports could program a clock that started with a personal set clock for each owner. This could go two different choices.

1, Start with say a 24hr clock that you have for the entire draft. The quicker you pick, the more time you have later in the draft. So if you made your pick in 30mins in the first round, it would leave 23 1/2 hour remaining on your draft clock. Once you run out of time it would go to an auto pick. Obviously they could give choice to how much time each draft would have as a time bank. 12,24,36, 48hrs. It really does not matter, it’s the concept.

2, Much like the first idea, but with a twist. Have a set time bank, but it would increase in time as a reward if you pick in a reasonable amount of time. Start with say a 12hr clock. But then if you pick in under an hour, it would increase your time bank by an hour. So your clock would increase to 13hrs if you pick in under an hour. Each time you picked in under an hour you increase that total each time. If you use up the banked time it would automatically bring you to auto pick.

Think this would not only keep the abuse of the clock down, but actually make for a game within the game. It would make time more pressing when guys like me try to trade in dynasty drafts. Think it would be a fun experience overall.
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Re: Slow Draft Clock (banked time)

Postby ChrisToeFer » Mon Feb 08, 2021 7:24 pm

Great idea Devils. We've actually had this (what we call chess-clock drafts) on our radar for quite a few years just have not pulled the trigger on implementing it. We've got all the parameters worked out, we just need to decide it's a direction we want to go and something the majority of our customers would embrace.
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Re: Slow Draft Clock (banked time)

Postby CRCGodfather » Mon Aug 09, 2021 7:52 am

support it, with range of time frames. maybe even a bullet "chess" type
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