IDP Rookie Preview: Part 2

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IDP Rookie Preview: Part 2

Postby Loqutis » Thu May 12, 2005 8:41 pm

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Defensive Tackles and Cornerbacks
As most leagues play with DL (either DE or DT) and DB (either S or CB), I excluded DT and CB up to this point. As experienced IDP'ers know, overall, DE and S are typically the more valuable positions in each group (depending on your scoring system). However, some leagues segregate the positions, so some, for positive or negative reasons, are worth spending some time discussing. This was actually an outstanding class of CBs, with better potential for fantasy scoring that most of the safeties in this class. However, I still chose to group them separately and will expound on the upside I think they have here. By the way, it was an extremely poor DT class, so not much to discuss on that front this year.

Antrel Rolle (CB, AZ)
If the value of CBs wasn’t so dependent on picks, and if the top real players weren’t frequently lesser fantasy players because QBs steer away from them, I’d group Rolle as a fantasy blue chipper. I think he will end up the best real football player of the top three corners, which doesn’t necessarily mean the fantasy player.

Adam Jones (CB, TEN)
Pac Man is could be the next Antoine Winfield, or he could be the next elite college corner whose size limits him to a third DB. The flashiest and perhaps the biggest playmaker of the three, bump him up significantly if your league counts return stats. The Titans should be returning a lot of kick-offs this season.

Carlos Rogers (CB, WAS)
If Shawn Springs can again play at the high level he returned to last year for the first time in a while, Rogers has a much better situation than the two previous guys. If QBs steer away from Springs, Rogers could have a windfall of INT opportunities, until he gives QBs a reason to think twice about throwing his way. Similarly rated to the other two, he is less flashy, but could be the most consistent player.

Marlin Jackson (CB, IND)
This could be the best value at CB. He coasted last year, and there is concern he’ll remain an underachiever, but he has tremendous skills, perhaps the best in the class. The cover two system will help disguise his lack of elite speed and boost his value.

Ron Bartell (CB, STL)
Small school prospect is nice size/speed package with a lot of potential. Could be the next Charles Tillman in a secondary in disarray.

Bryant McFadden (CB, PIT)
Upside to go earlier in a draft with less depth. Corners are usually pretty productive fantasy producers in Steeltown, and McFadden can pick it and isn’t afraid to put his helmet on a runner.

Justin Miller (CB, NYJ)
His fall was a great example of overreaction to a minor incident by teams. First round talent, but a bit undersized. Bump him up if your league counts return stats.

Eric Green (CB, AZ)
The thing I like best about him in the near future is he’ll be playing opposite future stud Antrel Rolle, which means he should see a lot of balls his way. He lacks elite speed, but continues the string of playmakers out of Virginia Tech the last few years. Nice sleeper to nab off the waiver wire in a year or two.

Fabian Washington (CB, OAK)
Speed got him paid. Shorter than ideal and not even among the top ten as far as being a complete package of skills at the position. Can pick it, but gambles too much. They let Phillip Buchanon go and rush to replace him with a similar guy who has proved nothing. No wonder this organization is going in reverse.

Travis Daniels (CB, Miami)
Some think he has more potential than former teammate Corey Webster and his former HC spent a mid-round pick on him. Good size, might be better suited to safety. Either way, there’s opportunity in the Dolphins secondary.

Corey Webster (CB, NYG)
Not the same player in 2004 he was in 2003, when he looked like one of the best corners in the country. Underachiever, lost confidence, or did he benefit too much from his supporting cast? Whatever the answer is, it leaves him with a big question mark, and one that lacks elite speed. Might be a better safety at this level.

Darrent Williams (CB, DEN)
Ballhawk, but too small. Upside to be this year’s Nathan Vasher, which still makes him an erratic fantasy play. Bump him up if your league counts return stats.

Antonio Perkins (CB, CLE)

Stanley Wilson (CB, DET)
Situation could be the most appealing thing about him. The Detroit secondary has been devastated by injuries the last couple of years. He needs to pack on some pounds, but opportunity could be there early if guys in front can’t stay healthy.

Kelvin Hayden (CB, IND)
Converted WR is a great athlete, but still learning the position, and a big reach in the second round.

Ellis Hobbs (CB, NE)
Too small, too short, nothing spectacular about his collegiate performance. So what happens? Bill Belichick drafts him in the second round. Go figure. He appears to know something about talent evaluation, though, so let’s keep an eye on him. Still, at best looks like a guy who will be part of a rotation, so even if he finds success, he’ll never be a great fantasy player.

Stanford Routt (CB, OAK)
Wow. What a reach. Nothing more than a track guy playing football. You can get by as that in college, but it will get you abused by practice squad WRs at this level.

Shaun Cody (DT, DET)
Similar, but significantly less talented version, of Kevin Williams (MIN). He can be an anchor end vs. the run or be a disruptive force in the middle. If his eligibility is at DT, he could be a nice fantasy player for leagues that segregate the position.

Travis Johnson (DE/DT, HOU)
Top tackle in the class looks like he’s converting to 3-4 DE in Houston. Lose-lose for his fantasy potential.

Mike Patterson (DT, PHI)
Late riser, the Eagles do a great job of identifying and utilizing interior DLine talent. Depending on Corey Simon’s future, he’s in a bit of deep rotation now, but if he ever plays consistently, could be productive.

Atiyyah Ellison (DT, CAR)
If your league segregates DL and is so deep it’s worth it stashing away a DT, this is your guy. He’s still developing and he’s on the perfect team to do it. Panther announcers will have to learn to pronounce “Atiyyah” in the next few years.

Luis Castillo (DT, SD)
Already a strike against him for substance abuse, even if his proactive explanation/apology saved his draft value. He’s unlike to have much value in a 3-4. However, his speed gives him plenty of upside to produce as a DT if he ever ends up as a pure 4-3.

Anttaj Hawthorne (DT, OAK)
Another guy gets busted for Andro and slides, he smoke a little pot and plummets. Ridiculous. Anyway, this guy is a space-eater with tremendous real football potential who could be a huge steal, but will have live fantasy value even if he is.

Top Undrafted Free Agents
Teams like the Colts, Eagles, Ravens, and Cowboys are good at finding good low/no round guys. For individuals, Ernest Shazor not getting selected surprised most. He falls into a good situation where he already looks to have landed at SS2 behind Adrian Wilson, although he has the size to play OLB, as well. Andre Fraizer is a tweener who should convert to OLB and is with the perfect team to give him a shot at doing it in Pittsburgh. He is a similar player and was rated closely to, as well, former Bearcat teammate Trent Cole, but Cole got drafted. Lionel Turner lacks speed, but gets a look with his college coach in Miami, who knows his leadership and run-stuffing ability. Walter Curry was the top D-IAA end and landed in a great situation. Fraser was a solid player in an elite program and impressed in his first camp. He has the versatility Romeo Crennel likes and could be a good fit at end in a 3-4. Marquis Weeks was converted from RB to DB in college and he is already impressing with his return abilities in Seattle. They have a trio of solid FA safeties, as Junior Rosegreen seemed to help himself enough in workouts to get drafted and Jamaal Brimmer was a fantastic collegiate performer, but fell due to lack of speed. Players are over hyped all the time, but Brandon Browner was being pimped as a potential first rounder, until he ran some horrible 40 times, and ended up not drafted. Shannahan got a productive UDFA for the secondary in Roc Alexander last year, he might have done it again, as Browner still has good upside.

DL: Simon Fraser, CLE; Walter Curry, BAL; Jonathan Jackson, CHI; Adell Duckett, SD; George Gause, BUF; Jim Davis, JAX; Tyler King, AZ; Lorenzo Alexander, CAR; Lynn McGruder, TB

LB: Andre Fraizer, PIT; Marcus Lawrence, CAR; Lionel Turner, MIA; James Enzor, JAX; Liam Ezekiel, BUF; Mike Goolsby, DAL; Ronald Stanley, PIT; Derek Wake, NYG; Jonathan Pollard, SD; Roger Cooper, DAL; Zach Woodfin, GB; Wendell Hunter, BUF; James Kinney, JAX

DB: Ernest Shazor, AZ; Jamaal Brimmer, SEA; Marquis Weeks, SEA; Brandon Browner, DEN; Jim Leohnard, BUF; Junior Rosegreen, SEA; James Butler, NYG; Jason Leach, SD; Diamond Ferri, NYG; Matt Grootegoed, TB; Mitch Meeuwsen, MIA
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