RT Masters Draft

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RT Masters Draft

Postby Loqutis » Wed May 25, 2005 4:05 pm

RT Master Draft
May 26th at 9 am Eastern

We'll have 2 separate threads for each conference. When its an owners pick they simply post the player they wish to draft in the thread , along with a a brief explanation on why they selected the player at this point in he draft. All League-Mates and Forum User can then criticize or praise your particular selection

RT Masters Victor Conference Draft
http://tailgate.rtsports.com/forums/vie ... ?p=713#713

RT Masters Champion Conference Draft

http://tailgate.rtsports.com/forums/vie ... ?p=712#712

Each owner will have 24 hours from the last selection to make their pick. The hope is everyone will check the draft board every day (more often if possible) and make their selection. In this way we won't actually have 24 hours pass for each pick, and everyone won't have to be on the same schedule or in the same time zone.
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