Sour owner,saying kick me out of league n playoffs .

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Sour owner,saying kick me out of league n playoffs .

Postby crystalsteam99 » Mon Dec 20, 2021 7:14 pm

Kelce gets me 41 points Thiursday night. I'm playing this owner h2h to see who advances.
Friday morning at 8:00 are our free waiver claims. We have deep benches,with 21 spots,and 4 IR spots.
The guy I'm playing put in bids and got who he wanted,as did other teams in playoffs making claims Thurs night. I was outta miney,so couldn't make any waiver bids. So was gonna have to take full advantage of the free pickups at 8:00.
I lost Hopkins for the year, Thielen out,Mitchell out,and J Willims popped up on injury report,. So needed to do an overhaul of my roster
So I replaced 9 guys on my roster and ir that morning from free claims,put guys on IR. I took fliers on Ducke Johnson, Ahmed,Brown(put on IR),same with Ahmed) hoping Gaskin is out so I might have a rb1 against Jets. News breaks Gaskin is gonna play an hr after I grab all the Miami rbs,so dropped them and rolled dice on Vaughn,hoping Fournett who might not play bc he had done 2 days in a row,so hoping for great bench stash in Vaughn. News breaks Founette will play,so drop Vaughn,for Hyde,just to put him on my IR. ,grabbed Akem wr in place of Ahmed.I grabbed Raiders D,, then looked at schedules of Raiders and Bills I had aleady. So didnt like the matchups for week 17,so grabbed Bears. N dropped Raiders
My back up QB was Hieneke,grabbed Had Huntly on watch list,took by mistake,and grabbed Big Ben right away who I wanted bc of KC matchup,hell be slinging it.
We have no rules against how many guys you can add,so saw NOTHING wrong with adding 9 new guys to my team to help with all my injuries to studs.
This guy is saying I should forfeit and I get automatic loss to him,,and to kick me out of our league. I wasnt churning players,. I was trying to get lucky with the rbs I added and released, that didnt work out when new news broke .in all it was 14 transactions I made this week. I kept 9 of the 14 scrubs from waiver wire. Guys I didnt keep were Ahmed,Duke Johnson ( wish I kept him now, ) Vaughn,Raiders D and Huntly( who grabbed by mistake rushing to make claims from my watch list.
I DID I did more add/drops last week than this week with guys I DID NOT KEEP,and a few other weeks. But only now,the 1st week of playoffs this owner has his panties in a bunch, after saying he'd destroy my team,and was in the 41 point hole to start week 1 of playoffs. And thought this guy was a friend!

I want others opinions on what I did wrong. Been in this very competitive league for 25 years. So what did I do wrong. For him to say what he did. Their is no limit to how many free pickups we make. I could see if I was churning players. Like the idiot thought. And he was already 41 points behind to start the week. And after he said he'd destroy my team this week..

Is what I did grounds for this sour owner to tell my league to kick me out,and should forfeit n ger a loss,so he advances in playoffs automatically?
I was burning up that some agree with him.

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