Rookie Draft, Rankings based on final draft

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Rookie Draft, Rankings based on final draft

Postby Loqutis » Mon Apr 25, 2005 4:00 pm

Initial thoughts of projected fantasy draft order in TE mandatory dynasty leagues as the NFL draft progresses...

1.01 Ronnie Brown, RB MIA - no competition, will start from day one
1.02 Cadillac Williams, RB TB - great situation, may share time with Pittman
1.03 Cedric Benson, RB CHI - could be a workhorse or may be a RBBC with Jones
1.04 JJ Arrington, RB ARI - no competition, will start from day one
1.05 Vernand Morency, RB HOU - neck-in-neck competition with Davis
1.06 Eric Shelton, RB CAR - another heated competition, but less talent
1.07 Troy Williamson, WR MIN - speedster on a top offense - will be GOLD
1.08 Braylon Edwards, WR CLE - too bad a good QB isn't tossing him the rock
1.09 Ryan Moats, RB PHI - likely won't be a RBBC, but a valuable backup
1.10 Frank Gore, RB SF - provides immediate insurance for Barlow
1.11 Mike Williams, WR DET - logjam at WR is a fantasy nightmare, but has talent
1.12 Marion Barber III, RB DAL - insurance if Jones doesn't pan out
2.01 Ciatrick Fason, RB MIN - another fantasy nightmare at RB
2.02 Brandon Jacobs, RB NYG - Barber's needs an understudy, talent lacking
2.03 Maurice Clarett, RB DEN - if Bell fails, Clarett may get his shot
2.04 Heath Miller, TE PIT - if Pitt utilizes him, could be the next great receiving TE
2.05 Matt Jones, WR JAX - wide open competition in productive passing offense
2.06 Darren Sproles, RB SD - could compete to become #2 behind LT2
2.07 Alvin Pearman, RB JAX - crowded backfield trying to become #2 to Taylor
2.08 Damien Nash, RB TEN - Brown's backup is worth something
2.09 Cedrick Houston, RB NYJ - Martin's older, and Blaylock may not be answer
2.08 Roddy White, WR ATL - another open competition, but poor pass offense
2.09 Aaron Rodgers, QB GB - will take over a productive offense in a few years
2.10 Alex Smith, QB SF - could be a solid producer in a year or two
2.11 Fred Gibson, WR PIT - excellent chance to become #2 ahead of Randle-El
2.12 Reggie Brown, WR PHI - Philly needs a #2 wideout
3.01 Jerome Mathis, WR HOU - could take over as #2 on decent offense
3.02 Mark Bradley, WR CHI - could be inserted as #2 very quickly
3.03 Jason Campbell, QB WAS - could be starting sooner rather than later
3.04 Charlie Frye, QB CLE - could be starting as soon as next year
3.05 Mark Clayton, WR BAL - terrible offense but solid skills
3.06 Alex Smith, TE TB - good TE in a mediocre situation
3.07 Vincent Jackson, WR SD - wide open competition could make him a #2
3.08 Noah Herron, RB PIT - if Bettis retires, Staley and Haynes is all that's left
3.09 Lionel Gates, RB BUF - if Henry leaves, someone needs to be the backup
3.10 Anthony Davis, RB IND - if James leaves, may play into backup picture
3.11 Rasheed Marshall, WR SF - no one has dominated in SF, so could be #3
3.12 Craphonso Thorpe, WR KC - good opportunity on excellent offense
4.01 Chad Owens, WR JAX - could play into competition at WR
4.02 Courtney Roby, WR TEN - could see some decent PT if Calico gets hurt
4.03 Brandon Jones, WR TEN - see Roby
4.04 Roydell Williams, WR TEN - see Roby
4.05 Roscoe Parrish, WR BUF - likely the #3 WR with a second year QB, yuck
4.06 Terrance Murphy, WR GB - too many WRs in the house
4.07 Adrian McPherson, QB NOS - great skills, could see time if Brooks bails
4.08 Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB STL - could play into backup picture
4.09 Airese Currie, WR CHI - could see some time if Bradley flops
4.10 Larry Brackens, WR TB - not worth much
4.11 Chase Lyman, WR NOS - a crowded field
4.12 Deandra Cobb, RB ATL - who let ladies into the NFL?
5.01 Paris Warren, WR TB - any relation to the Hiltons?
5.02 Harry Williams, WR NYJ - any relation to the Pitts' family?
5.03 JR Russell, WR TB - another Buc scrub waiting for the cuttin'
5.04 Tab Perry, WR CIN - almost worthless
5.05 Dante Ridgeway, WR STL - almost definitely worthless
5.06 Craig Bragg, WR GB - definitely worthless
5.07 LeRon McCoy, WR ARI - faces steep competition
5.08 Marcus Maxwell, WR DET - another WR...great
5.09 Dan Orvolsky, QB DET - outside shot to see time
5.10 Derek Anderson, QB BAL - could see some time if Boller continues to suck
5.11 Kyle Orton, QB CHI - could see some time if Grossman gets hurt
5.12 Andrew Walter, QB OAK - insurance to inconsistent Collins
6.01 Stefan LeFors, QB CAR - should make a great clipboard holder
6.02 James Kilian, QB KC - could see some time if Green goes down
6.03 David Greene, QB SEA - boring, boring, boring
6.04 Matt Cassel, QB NEP - there was another USC QB worth drafting?

Did I miss anyone? The last few rounds were purely conjecture, since most are worth the same at that level. I didn't rank any of the TE's past the first couple, since I don't know much about them and their value is minimal.

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Postby Loqutis » Mon Apr 25, 2005 4:04 pm

Clearly Jetco's league favors RB's In my league there's no way Alex Smith and Rodgers drop that far. Also no way that many questionable RB are taken of Edwards and other top WR's
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