Free Teams in TWO leagues

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Free Teams in TWO leagues

Postby Cliff » Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:38 am

Free Teams: In the WFFL. I paid $10 for each, but losing interest because have too many
Teams. You could still win some $$$ and I don’t want any of it!
Team MM 4-6 and tied for 3rd.
Team SC 3-7 and 5th place.
Team SS 5-5 tied for 3rd.
You get to pick a starting Lineup each week and it plays all the way through the super bowl.

Extra team in the Four Seasons Dynasty FFLs. Team K McK. 3-7 record. There is no
Cost for this team this season and no money to be won. But, it’s a free team. Here are
The players: QBs E Manning, Edwards, Garrard. RBsWashington, Stewart, Forte, White, Maurice Morris, F Taylor, Mendenhall. WRs Housmandzadeh, Roy Williams, Driver, Baskett, Santonio Holmes. TEs Shiancoe, Gonzalez, Heap. PKs Kaeding, Elam. DSTs Ravens, Packers.

If interested – e-mail me @ . Why not try it??
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