USFL Have Spots Open for only $10

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USFL Have Spots Open for only $10

Postby Phink » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:39 pm

The United States Football League at this site
has 5 openings as of this posting. Dues are only $10 the first year & we are a contract league. To see the teams available & their rosters go to the above link & if the owners name says unowned they are available. Also, if the name says ghost team it is possible, depending on what division they are in, that they could be converted to an unowned team & given the roster of an unowned team.

Ghost teams in our league are represented by an NFL team & whatever that NFL team gets each week will be how many points the ghost team gets. There are 4 total ghost teams (1 per division).

Below are the teams availalble but to see rosters you'll have to click on the above link

Boston Breakers
LA Express
Michigan Panthers
New Jersy Generals
San Antonio Gunslingers

Go to the above link to see if they are still available & of course, since this league is based on the USFL, team names cannot be changed. email me at if interested.
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