1 Spot left for keeper league . Free spot left!

Form a league or recruit new owners. Put together a mock draft.

1 Spot left for keeper league . Free spot left!

Postby covop99 » Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:32 am

Looking for a Team for a keeper league.For fun league. Free for this year. Usually charge $10 just to cover costs. but need one person and not a lot of time left. So willing to give for free and you can test league out for year. Like a trial run for whole season.Any Questions leave a post or e-mail me at covop3@yahoo.com

1 slot left. send request to covop3@yahoo.com for invite. Draft day is august 25th at 3pm eastern.

Keepers on team Darren Sproles, Matt Schaub, Darren DcFadden


1 QB
2 RB
1 flex WR/RB
1 TE
1 DL
1 DE
1 LB
1 K

20 total positions and 2 Injured reserve spots

limits 4 rb, 4 wr, 2 qb , 2 te , 2 lb, 2 db, 2 de, 2 k

Standard scoring rules with some bonus points and defensive scoring

10 team league with 5 in each division

Please e-mail me at covop3@yahoo.com or post reply if interested.

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