Dynasty League needs one manager

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Dynasty League needs one manager

Postby AllGravy76 » Sun Apr 11, 2021 8:30 pm

This is a 20 team dynasty league with contracts. $160m cap, h2h cats with OPS and holds. QS over wins. 50 man rosters bot majors and minors. 3 Round FYPD each year. Start 9 bats, C, CIx2, MIx2, OFx3, and one UTIL. 9 active pitching slots. We use Fantrax for scroing and Pro Boards for everything else.

There is a $25 dollar entry fee and we use Fantrax Treasurer. $5 dollars is for Fantrax fee and the rest goes to prizes.

We are looking for someone to come in stick around and hit the ground running and give this team some direction. Not always easy finding an owner for a team at the start of a season that may need some work so the fee you pay this year will count towards next year.

That is the simple run down but hop on our site and just check us out as a league. I am the Chicago Cubs and you can message me with any questions. The team open is the New York Mets. Here is a link to our Pro Boards site

Pro Boards - https://theshow420.proboards.com/

League spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 1995473239

Rules https://theshow420.proboards.com/thread/2443/show-rules

Team https://theshow420.proboards.com/thread ... -york-mets

We run the league that a manager would enjoy being a part of and worth the your time to build your dynasty team. A fun and very competitive league. Thanks for having a look.
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