12 Team Keeper League Expanding - Looking for Owners

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12 Team Keeper League Expanding - Looking for Owners

Postby Kmiller403 » Tue May 11, 2021 9:32 pm

Hi, I am looking for new owners for a league expanding to 24 teams. Currently have 8 spots available. See below for some details. If you are interested please shoot me an email and I can provide further details or answer any questions at k_miller403@yahoo.com.

$100 buy in with transaction fees of $1 per pick and drop

Keepers being any where from 0-3 players.

Scoring is pretty standard. Only special scoring is that TEs are only position that is PPR.

· Two Drafts would be held, one for each conference consisting of 16 rounds

· Two identical player pools will be available in each draft

· Trading may only take place between teams in the same conference

· League structure will breakdown to:

· 2 Conferences

· 6 divisions of 4 teams in each:

· Regular season schedule will be 12 games broken down below;

· 6 games against division (2 games each); 4 games against a division from other conference; 2 games against team from same conference that finished as common rank

· There will be 12 playoff teams, 6 from each conference, broken down as follows:

· 3 Division winners from each conference, with the top 2 in each conference earning byes, & 3 teams with the next best records earning Wild Card spots
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