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Hi guys the smahsmouth football league is about 15 years old. We are a dynasty keeper league and we do have idp players. We do a slow online draft throughout the preseason and have basic scoring. The league rules are shown below. For whatever reason we are in need of some new owners this season and we want to get the draft started asap. Our only cost is just chipping in for the RTSports fee equally. We do not play for money, we play for the love of the game and competing with each other. It is a laid back league but alot of fun. We have a salary cap and those numbers are updated yearly. You can draft and keep players as long as you want. Its a really really fun concept and league. New owners will have the option of taking over an existing team or we can do an expansion draft among the new owners. Thanks please contact me if you are interested asap. It is a really fun and unique league everyone that plays with us says it is the most fun league they are in because we use some idp players to keep it interesting and we have the salary cap and dynasty keeper concept.

Adam Contact number 205-386-0223

Our League
Our league is going to be a dynasty type keeper league. That means that next year, if you choose to play, you will keep your same team. If new people want to join, they will have the option of either picking players off of the other teams in an expansion type draft, or taking over an orphaned franchise if available. Also, we currently have a salary cap of 65 million dollars per team. That means that the total value of the players on your roster cannot be more than 65 million dollars. This number may change as needed. If you are over 65 million dollars, you will get no points for the week. Each team also can select one franchise player, who will count 0 dollars against their cap number. However, once this player is selected before the draft, that team cannot release the player and must keep them the entire season.

Our Draft
We use a straight draft. We also draft in reverse order of finish. Except that, the winner of the worst bowl at the end of the year, gets the first pick, not the loser of the bowl. DRAFT POSITIONS AND INDIVIDUAL PICKS CAN BE TRADED.
If you want to “trade up” you can. However, your draft will continue at the end until you have 28 players on your team. Trading of picks may result in one team having more then one pick per round. That is ok as long as we approve it. Everyone has 28 roster spots. At the end of the draft, everyone must have those spots filled. Next year through trades, etc, you may have more spots to fill then other teams, or less. The draft will continue until every teams spots are full.

The salary cap is always in effect, so your roster during the draft must be under the cap.
Minimum player value is 100,000
Maximum player value is 10,000,000
Any player not on our salary sheet is 1,000,000 usually rookies etc.


Here are the current required rosters positions the rest of the bench positions can be any player.

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 K
2 LB
2 DL
4 DB

DL includes defensive lineman, LB is only linebackers. Db includes safeties, and cornerbacks. You must have these at least these spots filled every week. There are also 11 bench spots that you must have full, but they can be anyone at any position. These spots can be used for keepers, or backups.

The playoffs will consist of six teams. The division winners all get in, and then the next three teams with the best record also get in. The top two teams get a first round bye. The playoffs will run from week 14 to week 16. It is a similar format to the ncaa basketball bracket. 1 seed plays 6, 2 plays 5, 3 plays 4. Also, the highest seed will always play the lowest seed available. That is what I will use to
determine the match ups in the second playoff round.

The six postseason participants from each conference will now be seeded as follows:
1. The division champion with the best record.
2. The division champion with the second-best record.
3. The division champion with the third-best record.
4. The wild-card team with the best record.
5. The wild-card team with the second best record.
6. The wild-card team with the third best record.
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