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Week 17? A New Idea...

PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2021 2:55 pm
by Sinista1
With the extension of the NFL season by one week we had a discussion how to make this added week much more enjoyable, but beneficial to ALL GM's!

With the previous NFL schedule the Week 16 games were a hot debate for Fantasy GM's in regard to players being sat for those meaningless games so they could be healthy for the playoffs sometimes costing GM's titles or cash... After some discussion this year on our MBs I decided to begin our Divisional Wildcard games to begin with Week 14, our Conference Championships on Week 15 & closing out our season with the league championship during the Week 16 NFL Games!

So where does that leave the NFL Week 17 games? Well I came up with our 1st Redemption Bowl where the two conferences will go Head 2 Head ranked by their season's final Total Points to decide the fate of their draft spot for the 2022 Season by margin of win/loss!!!

It now makes that final week a little bit more exciting and sets the tone with some surprises for the draft in the following year... I have to see now how I can make it that RT doesn't recognize the final game as the Championship Game & recognizes the week prior.