13 Year Old Dynasty League Needs 2 Replacement Owners

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13 Year Old Dynasty League Needs 2 Replacement Owners

Postby Chadstroma » Sat May 15, 2021 5:27 pm

Dynasty IDP 14 team league needs two replacement owners.

1) This is a Dynasty league. Each owner that enters does commit to this league with the expectation to be an active member of the league. All fees are expected to be paid promptly before the draft and involvement in the leagues day to day operations is expected to a degree. This would include votes of any kind (trades, rule changes, or disputes) as well as the community message board.

2) Division winners have a bye week in playoffs. The 2nd and 3rd placed teams in each division will play each other in each division in week 1 of playoffs. The winner of week 1 of playoffs will play the Division winner during week 2 of playoffs. The winners of the week 2 of playoffs from each division will play each other in the Super Bowl in week 3 of playoffs. The winner of this game will be Champion of the League.

3) Teams will consist of 46 man rosters with 4 IR slots. *A taxi squad may be placed back if RTSports allows for that option in the future.

4) Winnings will be distributed as follows:

-50% to the Champion of the League 

-20% 2nd place. 

-10% 3rd place 

-10% Best Record

-10% Most Points 

5) $45 Flat Fee. 100% payout minus League Site cost and minus any costs associated with payment.

6) $15 deposit is to paid each year. This deposit is applied to the next years dues. If a team leaves the league, this deposit is forfeited. 

7) Fees must be paid in a timely manner. Entry fee is due 3 weeks before the draft begins. If payment is not received, a late fee of $5 will be charged. A second deadline will be 2 weeks before the draft begins, a late fee of $15 will be charged. A final deadline will be 1 week before the draft begins, if payment- including all late fees the team will be ejected from the league.

8) Players may be on IR only if the player is actually listed on RTSPORTS with an O, X, U or an N next to his name. Any violations of this policy and the commissioner may ask the owner to correct the problem with future instances being grounds for an automatic drop of that player from the team. Exception to this rule is the Taxi Squad players. All IR reserve players must be taken off of IR one week after the NFL Super Bowl.

9) There will be a general acceptance of all trades, but all trades are subject to being rejected. The Commissioner has veto power over any trade that is seen as being done out of wrongful intent or by deals that may include but not limited to cash incentives. Any two owners may call for a Trade Veto Vote up to 2 days after the completion of the trade. The Vote will be inacted one two owners call for it and last two days. An e-mail notification of the vote will be sent out. A trade will be confirmed or rejected at the end of the voting period. A trade must have majority to be
confirmed. Any ties result in the trades rejection. Owners should reserve this for outstanding circumstances that make the trade suspicious. "Bad" trades should not be called for votes. Finally, the Commissioner may call for a vote without a second from another owner.

10) A 'no trade' period is in effect before the start of NFL games on our (fantasy) final regular season games and goes through until the next sunday after the Super Bowl.

11) Trades may include future draft picks as RTSports allows.

12) Draft positions will be determined by record (worst/first to best/last) in an NFL style draft. Tie Breakers are (1) Total Points (worst/first to best/last) (2) Divisional Record (worst/first to best/last) (3) Head to Head (worst/first to best/last).

13) The draft will consist of 5 rounds. Rosters will be expanded by 5 the day of the draft and last until the end of the NFL pre-season.

14) There is a 24 hour blackout period from when the draft is completed to when free agency begins. Any players picked up during this time will be force dropped by the commissioner.

15) Schedule will consist of playing division rivals twice and the remainder being all others and generated randomly by the site.

16) If an owner does not set their lineup in two consecutive weeks or for a total of three weeks during the year, they will be ejected from the league in season and replaced. 

17) The Commissioner reserves the right to eject any owner from the league at any time in order to protect the greater good of the league.

18) All disputes that are not governed by specific rules are subject to ruling by the Commissioner, in which the remaining body of owners excluding the owners in dispute and the Commissioner may vote to veto the decision made by the Commissioner if seen as biased or unfair in any way. This vote must be a uniform vote with all remaining owners being in agreement. If the Commissioner is involved in a dispute he will then set forth a proposal for a decision which will then be voted on by the remaining owners, however, to prevent gridlock, this vote will be a majority vote of the remaining owners.

19) A supermajority is needed for any rule changes to roster or points. 10 owners must vote for the change. 

20) Any rule changed to roster or points will be delayed one year from being approved. 
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Re: 13 Year Old Dynasty League Needs 2 Replacement Owners

Postby Bucki4life » Tue Jun 29, 2021 9:28 pm

Are these still open?
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Re: 13 Year Old Dynasty League Needs 2 Replacement Owners

Postby Tomace22 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 2:14 pm

i dont understand. are these leagues available to buy?
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