Season-long tribute planned to pioneering 1869 Red Stockings

Mon Feb 11 3:04am ET
Associated Press

CINCINNATI (AP) The 2019 Cincinnati Reds will play games in 15 sets of throwback uniforms - including navy blue and a ''Palm Beach'' style - during a season-long celebration of the 1869 Red Stockings who pioneered professional baseball.

Historians credit the team that barnstormed from coast-to-coast, beating all opponents, becoming a national sensation in post-Civil War America. Besides being the first openly all-salaried club, the Red Stockings introduced new levels of training, preparation and strategy - and flashy uniforms.

For the 150th anniversary, the Reds will present an overhauled team museum, selfie-friendly commemorative benches around the Cincinnati region, a July 5 stadium open house, and a new park for lasting tribute to the 57-0 Red Stockings - while hoping this year's colorfully attired team can break a streak of four last-place finishes.

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