Nickname: DudePlatinum
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Foes: 1

78 Money League Teams

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ChallengeDudeplatinuminPlayoff Challenge 19.58
ChampionshipDudePlatinuminFantasy Championship 6/12 8:00PM
ChampionshipDudePlatinumRTCinFantasy Championship 6/30 10:00PM
RTFFCDudeplatinumRTCinRTFFC Black #6
AudibleDudePlatinum100inQuick Fix
AudibleDudeplatinumRMinDrinking And Smoking Tonight
AudibleDudePlatinum96SLOWinFlying Squirrels
AudibleDraftaddictinDiaperLeague 2
AudibleDraftAddictinHammertime Rules!!
AudibleDudeplatinum 1inThursNiteDelite
AudibleDudeplatinum5inS.O.F. inaugural draft
AudibleFriday Night LightsinQuick Fix
AudibleLate Night DelightinNFL - No Fun League
AudibleWetball WednesdayinQuick Fix
AudibleTigolBittiesinQuick Fix
AudibleDudePlatinumdminMFL More Fun League
AudibleDudePlatinum14inMFL - More Fun League
AudibleHeavyweightsin10 teamer up
AudibleGet someinREAL MO FN G'S
AudibleQuick DraftinGlenn Frey
AudibleFathers DayinThrow It Deep
AudibleDudePlatinum11inWednesday Draft
AudibleThedudeintry me
AudibleDudeplatinumsfinSuperFelx one
AudibleSuperflex2inFIRE IT UP AUDI
AudibleDudePlatinum95inQuick Fix
AudibleDudeplatinum94inCambyman, Cambyman, Cambyman
AudibleDudePlatinum93inFLEX Rules
AudibleDudeplatinum89inInstead of CHANTIX
AudibleDetroitagainsttheworldinQuick fix dm
AudibleSuperflexingingive me more
AudibleQuick Fix DMinQuick fix dm
AudibleLakehouseaffectinDream Teams
AudibleSflexinRIGHT ON TIME
Audiblesunday fundayinLions Den
AudibleRickdoginCASH GAME
AudibleDraftDayinWho Want It
AudibleDM2inQuick Fix
AudibleDM1inPICK ME
AudibleTuesdaynightdelightinTuesday Nite Special
AudibleDudeplatinum81inAll Junk League
AudibleDudeplatinum80inK/D before RB2 to hURt UR pride
AudibleDudePlatinum79inTuesday Road Doggs
AudibleLaborDayinLabor Day Draft
AudibleDudeplatinumsflexinComic Throwdown
AudibleDudepltinumw2inNever stop drafting
Faceoff1FOinFirst Down 19.2 Bracket 2
Faceoff2nd tryinTouchdown 19.1 Bracket 4
Draft MastersRecoverymodeinSunday Draft Master
Draft MastersBashBros3inDraft Master Championship
Draft MastersDrunkdraftinginLast Week
Draft MastersBashBrosinBIG MOES DIRTY TEN rtsports style
Draft MastersDudeplatinum81inSunday Nooner
Draft MastersDudeinLeafs by Snoop
Draft MastersLast oneinJust in Time!
Draft Masters1st slowinSlowly, But Surely
Draft MastersGo TimeinThe League
Draft MastersDudeplatinum98inSuper Fun! Super Frustrating?
Draft MastersDudePlatinum97inDRAFTMASTERS
Draft MastersDudeplatinum93inDrafting for Dollars
Draft MastersDudeplatinum92inDraftmasters
Draft Mastersdudeplatinum91inDRAFTMASTERS
Draft MastersDudePlatinum88inTesting 1,2,3...
Draft MastersDudeplatinum87inJuly Test Track
Draft MastersDudePlatinum85inMasters of Our Domain
Draft MastersDraftDay2inBo Knows Draft Masters
Draft MastersolympictorchinNight Drafting
Draft MastersDudePlatinum83inIt's Time To Draft , Week 1 Done
Draft MastersDm3inFootball Time
Draft MastersSmoke ShowinLazy Sunday
Draft MastersBroBro3inDraft Master Pro
Draft MastersBenningtoninLets Do This
Draft MastersLaborday2inGo Long Bombers

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