Nickname: JlockA
Fantasy Player Rank: #7
Fans: 152
Foes: 55

15 Money League Teams

All-AmericanSupercharged 6 Sin2017 KICKOFF
All-AmericanSupercharged 1inAA Test Run #1
All-AmericanSupercharged 2inSunday night shenanigans
All-AmericanSupercharged 3intuesdays gone
All-AmericanSupercharged 4inMarch madness
All-AmericanSupercharged 5inSaturday night live
All-AmericanSupercharged 7intuesdays gone
All-AmericanSupercharged 8 AutoinThe Franchise Quarterback
All-AmericanSupercharged 9 Auto inKeep The Chains Moving
AudibleAudi 50 MinThe Dirty Dozen
AudibleAudi inMama Says "Slow Drafts Are The De
AudibleAudi 2inAPB for Rosen
AudibleAudi 3inBest Team Wins
AudibleAudi 4 AutoinHump Day Drafting
AudibleAudi 5 AutoinA Bunch Of Crazed Dogs

4 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonFeed the Crow well inRTS Top Dogs
Full SeasonSupercharged ChampsinChamps League
Full SeasonStart the CARRinTOP GUN
Full Season Team X inClear and Present Danger

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Top 100 Player
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