Nickname: finfan66
Fantasy Player Rank: #33
Fans: 50

71 Money League Teams

Championship$250 Team 3inFantasy Championship 7/1 8:00PM #
Championship$250 Team 1inFantasy Championship 6/25 9:30PM
Championship$250 Team 2inFantasy Championship 6/29 8:30PM
RTFFCRTFFC $250 1inRTFFC Black #4
RTFFCRTFFC 250 3inRTFFC Black #6
RTFFCRTFFC $250 2inRTFFC Red #10
RTFFCRTFFC $250 5inRTFFC Gold #8
RTFFCRTFFC $250 4inRTFFC Gold #11
High Stakes$249 HS 1inravenhaters
High Stakes$125 HS 1inGridiron Gang
High Stakes$125 HS 2inLet's Do This
High Stakes$125 HS 3inDrafting and Chilling HS style
High Stakes$125 HS 4inHeat Wave 2016
High Stakes$125 HS 5inHardcode Fantasy Football (HFF)
High Stakes$125 HS 6inBattle Royale
High Stakes$125 HS 7inBig boy draft
High Stakes$125 HS 8inI'm Making The Playoffs
High Stakes$125 HS 9inForte-Fied Pick
High Stakes$125 HS 10inInfamous Gangsters
High Stakes$125 HS 11inThe Game Masters
High Stakes$125 HS 12inBustin Loose
High Stakes$125 HS 18inSNAKE DRAFT
High Stakes$125 HS 13inThe Gang of 12
High Stakes$125 HS 14inHigh Stakes $125
High Stakes$125 HS 15inThe Big Chill
High Stakes$125 HS 23inFriday Night Fun
High Stakes$125 HS 16inThe Bad Boys of Fantasy
High Stakes$125 HS 17inBeen there. Done that.
High Stakes$125 HS 19inDraft Against Humanity
High Stakes$125 HS 20inFart Noises
High Stakes$125 HS 21inNFL Today
High Stakes$125 HS 22inThen There Were 53
High Stakes$125 HS 25inSunday Funday
High Stakes$125 HS 24inWho Dak?
High Stakes$125 HS 26inStand for the Anthem
High Stakes$125 HS 27inHe's Dead Jim
High Stakes$125 HS 28inThe FINAL League
All-Pro$125 All ProinMake America Great Again
All-Pro$50 All Pro 1inSlow Mo's
All-Pro$50 All Pro 2inSons of Anarchy
All-Pro$50 All pro 3inArmchair Quarterback Club
All-Pro$50 All Pro 4inThe Fantasy Boneyard - AP50
Audible$125 Audi 1inNew Style Hi Stakes
Audible$125 Audi 2inFriday Nite Main Event TFC Format
Audible$125 Audi 3inNew Style Hi Stakes Sat OPEN
Audible$125 Audi 4inSwimming With The Sharks 2
Audible$125 Audi 5inCromartie Time
Audible$125 Audi 6inHall o Fame Fantasy Kickoff
Audible$125 Audi 7inCant Find my Shepard
Audible$49 Audi inDraft Time
Audible$49 Audi 2inFriday Nite 12 Teamer 4 Sharks n
Audible$49 Audi 4inDRAFT TIME
Audible$49 audi 3inRIP Prince
Audible$49 Audi 5inDo It Again YO YO
Audible$49 Audi 6inThe League
Audible$49 Audi 7inAudible Fantasy Showdown
Audible$49 Audi 8inHit Squad League
Audible$49 Audi 9inTFC Tune Up
Audible$49 Audi 10inIndependence Day League
Audible$49 Audi 11in3dozen lookie lous
Audible$49 Audi 12inIt's Always Sunny In The Draft Ro
AudibleDM 5 $20inBefore The Draft
AudibleDM 1 $20insaturday night live
AudibleDM 7 $20inFlying Squirrels
AudibleDM 2 $20inFinFans 12er DM
AudibleDM 3 $20inFin's Desperate 10
AudibleDM 4 $20inWalgreens Open
AudibleDM 6 $20inMax roster size minimizes injurie
AudibleDM 8 $20inMonday Funday
AudibleDM 9 $20inFriDrafting
AudibleDM 10 $20inSFlexy 10 Tm 9/24

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