Nickname: finfan66
Fantasy Player Rank: #41
Fans: 50

19 Money League Teams

High Stakes$125 HS 1inMarch Drafting
High Stakes$125 HS 2in1st High Stakes of the Season
High Stakes$125 HS 3inHigh Stake Rake
All-American$30 AA 1 inDraft Now
All-American$30 AA 2inAny Given Sunday
All-American$30 AA 3inDiamonds in the Rough
Audible$125 Audi 1inBEYOND HIGH STAKES
Audible$20 AudiinAPB for Rosen
Audible$20 Audi 2inHump Day Drafting
Audible$20 Audi 3inNo Protesting on Sunday
Audible$20 Audi 4inBeerThirtySomewhere 420 here
Audible$20 Audi 5inThe Usual Suspects
Audible$20 Audi 6inBanned from the Baseball Lobby
Audible$20 Audi 7inPead signs 3 year deal
Audible$20 Audi 8inThursday Throwdown
Audible$20 Audi 9inRock Lobster
Audible$20 Audi 10inGlennon for Hire
Audible$20 Audi 11inNo Protesting Allowed
Audible$20 Audi 12inSpring League MVP Ben Tate

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