Nickname: segthemiddleleg
Fantasy Player Rank: #124
Fans: 1

6 Money League Teams

AudibleGrinderinRosen MIIA
AudiblePoonTanginSlow Rollin"
AudiblePunisherinFill the Diaper
AudibleSpider 2 Y BananainMama Says "Slow Drafts Are The De
AudibleLickmHoleinRosen Talks Kickers at 330pm
AudibleSmokefaceinTaco Tuesday

4 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full Season(DC OK)($)($)It's all iin14th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full Season($)It's all in the STATin14th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonRobert SangermaninKFFSC Big Valentine's Dynasty
Full SeasonBobby SangermaninKFFSC Big Game Week Dynasty Keepe

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