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Fantasy Week 20 | NBA Week 20
Doncic Kong Dynasty Sun Jan 28 7:03pm ET

It's a sad day. Ingo Slugo has a 27 game losing street coming to an end. Most impressive streak I've ever seen.

Doncic Kong Dynasty Sat Jan 27 6:42pm ET

I'd consider moving my 1st round pick to teams looking at next year. Looking for guard or forward

Doncic Kong Dynasty Fri Nov 24 9:28am ET

I knew when that game went to ot it was bad for me lol. Losing by a point kind of hurts lol

Chef Curry Tue Nov 21 4:51pm ET

I got so lucky the suns and jazz went to 2OT

Scranton Minors Thu Nov 16 10:29am ET

I have an excess of guards...Looking for a forward or two

Kramerica Sun Oct 29 11:41am ET

Looking for forwards.  I have some quality guards to offer. 


Doncic Kong Dynasty Sat Sep 2 9:08am ET

KJ Martin and Patrick Williams available for draft picks