Nickname: VetoStrangler
Fans: 3

52 Money League Teams

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ChampionshipJoan Jett and the BlackinFantasy Championship 8/19 8:00PM
ChampionshipAce FrehleyinFantasy Championship 9/3 1:00PM #
ChampionshipVince NeilinFantasy Championship 9/6 8:00PM #
ChampionshipRoger DaltryinFantasy Championship 9/7 11:00PM
ChampionshipJimmy BuffettinFantasy Championship 8/12 11:00PM
ChampionshipGene Simmons inFantasy Championship 9/4 8:00PM #
ChampionshipBuster DouglasinFantasy Championship 9/2 1:00PM #
ChampionshipJerry CantrellinFantasy Championship 9/2 11:00PM
ChampionshipMathias JabsinFantasy Championship 9/1 9:30PM #
RTFFCBell Biv Devoe inRTFFC Red #6
RTFFCPaul Stanley inRTFFC Red #8
RTFFCEddie VedderinRTFFC Black #3
RTFFCPearl JaminRTFFC Black #9
RTFFCTom PettyinRTFFC White #2
RTFFCJohnny GillinRTFFC White #6
RTFFC John LennoninRTFFC Gold #7
RTFFCChipsinRTFFC Gold #12
RTFFCMarty McFly inRTFFC Blue #3
RTFFCMichael McDonaldinRTFFC Blue #9
High StakesLayne StaleyinAre U Ready 4 Some Football
High StakesSlashinLinebacker U
High StakesSebastian BachinThe Perfect Sunday
High StakesAlice CooperinDRESS REHEARSAL
High StakesKlaus MeineinBetter Late than Never!
High StakesJohn HolmesinAre you ready for some Football!?
High StakesEric ClaptoninDisciples of Ditka
High StakesPeter ChrisinLabor Day Draft
High StakesVeto StranglerinCruisin for a Bruisin
High StakesEddie MoneyinTalk Is Cheap
High StakesScott WeilandinNFL Today
All-ProPete TownsendinRun It Up!
All-ProMick JaegerinSunday Funday NFL
All-ProLittle GTOinSunday Funday NFL 2
All-ProStarsky and HutchinAll Out Blitz
All-ProNoah's ArkinRTS All-Pro
All-ProDee SnyderinFANTASY BALLERS!!!
All-StarEddie MurphyinSerious players
All-AmericanBow4inWest Coast
All-AmericanBilly Ray CyrusinDOOMSDAY FANTASY 16
All-AmericanChester RockwellinPIGSKIN CLUB
All-AmericanTony DanzainFantasy Football Gamers
All-AmericanMarco PoloinBig Ten Cage Match
All-AmericanBarry GibbinAll American Fantasy Football
All-AmericanBow 1inTHE CREW
All-AmericanBow3inJust a Fantasy Football League

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonThe ShockerinBoogie Nights
Full SeasonJackhammer MeatplowinA Bunch of Clowns
Full SeasonDirk DigglerinLake Country Meatballs

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