Nickname: Swiper
Fantasy Player Rank: #2
Fans: 65
Foes: 8

320 Money League Teams

ShootoutPlayoff SwiperinPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ChallengeSwiper ChallengeinPlayoff Challenge 19.111
ChampionshipReed White n Blue 1inFantasy Championship 7/11 8:00PM
ChampionshipMakers Mark 1inFantasy Championship 6/12 8:00PM
ChampionshipMakers Mark 2inFantasy Championship 6/17 10:00PM
ChampionshipMakers Mark 3inFantasy Championship 6/30 10:00PM
ChampionshipReed White n Blue 2inFantasy Championship 7/21 11:00PM
ChampionshipCrack o'11 GanginFantasy Championship 7/26 11:15PM
ChampionshipDirtbag Royalty 1inFantasy Championship 8/24 9:00PM
ChampionshipTroubleMakersMark 1inFantasy Championship 7/29 11:00PM
ChampionshipTroubleMakersinFantasy Championship 8/2 11:45PM
ChampionshipTroubleMakersinFantasy Championship 8/17 11:15PM
ChampionshipDirtbag Royalty 3inFantasy Championship 8/28 3:00PM
ChampionshipDirtbag Royalty 2inFantasy Championship 8/26 1:00PM
ChampionshipChampion FOX inFantasy Championship 9/4 11:00AM
ChampionshipChampion FOX 1inFantasy Championship 9/3 5:00PM #
ChampionshipROC/DT LVinFantasy Championship 9/5 3:00PM #
Championship1lasttryinFantasy Championship 9/6 2:45PM #
ChampionshipDT ROX 2inFantasy Championship 9/8 11:00AM
ChampionshipCRAZY FOXinFantasy Championship 9/8 1:30AM #
RTFFC10000 Swipes 1inRTFFC Black #4
RTFFC10000 Swipes 3inRTFFC Black #5
RTFFC10000 Swipes 2inRTFFC Red #10
RTFFCFox Trax 1inRTFFC Black #8
RTFFCWhite Swipes 2inRTFFC White #4
RTFFCWhite Swipes 3inRTFFC White #8
RTFFCLaser BeamzinRTFFC Gold #5
RTFFCFox Trax 3inRTFFC Blue #6
RTFFCRoyal SwipeinRTFFC Blue #7
RTFFCRoyalBlue FoxinRTFFC Blue #1
RTFFCRoyal Swipezz 1inRTFFC Blue #8
RTFFCRoyal Swipezz 3inRTFFC Blue #12
High Stakes ROC&DTinEast Coast
High StakesHigh SwipesinHis and Hers
High StakesHawaiian TacoinTues Taco Nite
High StakesSwiperz StakesinBring your skills
High StakesHigh SwipeinJuLy 2 HS Semi Pro
High StakesOut FoxedinDelayed Fireworks
High StakesSwiper No Audi O MANinONE MORE TIME!
High Stakes420 TeaminRope a Dope
High StakesHawaii SwipeinMonday Night Fantasy Football
High StakesHi SwiperzinLet's Do This
High StakesEvil Pettin ZooinHeat Wave 2016
High StakesSwipers INinBig boy draft
High StakesLENDaQUIDinI'm Making The Playoffs
High StakesSwiper RedRuninFantasy Championship
High StakesHigh SwipezinInfamous Gangsters
High StakesBastardsinDisciples of Ditka
High StakesUOME AUDI 125ingET yOUR lATE nIGHT fREAK oN
High StakesLucky SwipesinFeeling Lucky
High StakesRed RocsinOffensive Player Of The Year
High StakesBAD SWIPEinThe Big Chill
High StakesSwiperxinBeen there. Done that.
High StakesSwperzinHigh Stake Heaven
High StakesSwipe NiteinDraft Against Humanity
All-ProMoverz n MakersinALL PRO NATION
All-AmericanSwiperz 3 pac 1inBA Invitational
All-AmericanSwiperz 3 pac 3inFriday night frenzy
All-AmericanSwiperz 3 pac 2inSaturday night draft
All-AmericanCheap Swipes 1inALL MY CHIPS ARE IN
All-AmericanCheap Swipes 2inTuesday Night Draft
All-AmericanCheap Swipes 3inHammertime Files
All-AmericanSwiperz Swearin it Off inHIGH SPEED CHASE
All-AmericanSwiperz Swearin it Off inThursday Night Thunder
All-AmericanSwiperz Swearin it Off inhappy easter
All-AmericanLast Swipe 2inMarch Madness Draft
All-AmericanLast Swipe 3inThursday Night Draft
All-AmericanFoos OnlyinApril Fools Draft
All-AmericanNo Foolin 1inSaturday Night Fever
All-AmericanNo Foolin 2in FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT
All-AmericanNo Foolin 3inBo knows drafts
All-AmericanDuck Bitch 1inwednesday night fiasco
All-AmericanDuck Bitch 2inSaturday Night Fever
All-AmericanDuck Bitch 3inCMon Man
All-AmericanSwiperd U 2inSaturday Night Fever
All-AmericanSwiperd U 3inPPR Madness
All-AmericanSwiperd U 1inChicago Draft
All-AmericanSwiperin 1inGetting pumped up
All-AmericanSwiperin 2inMonday Magic
All-AmericanSwiperin 3inPRE NFL DRAFT PARTY!!!
All-AmericanTriple Swipe 1inThe Draft Is Over
All-AmericanTriple Swipe 2inLate fun
All-AmericanTriple Swipe 3in2nd chance
All-AmericanSwipen AA 1inSaturday Day Draft
All-AmericanSwipe DogginA Bunch Of Crazed Dogs
All-AmericanSwipen AA 3in$hageeee's Invitaional
All-AmericanBraskyinSaturday fiasco
All-Americancant swipe 2inMay's Last Call
All-AmericanBrasky Big GuyinConcrete Jungle
All-American DUMBAZZEZinFinals Game 3 After Party
All-Americanswiper close itinPlant Your Damn Flags
All-Americandads draftininFather's Day Draft
All-AmericanSwiperinEating Shrimp
All-AmericanSwipar Fri 1inLet's do this
All-AmericanSat CocktailzinJuly 4th Primer
All-AmericanSwipar Fri 3inMidnite Tokers N Jokerz
All-AmericanSkool w SwiperinLate Night AA
All-AmericanSwiper nt LiveinLate Night Tip
All-AmericanSwiper Got UinAll American
All-AmericanOUT FOXXEDinThe Wrecking Crew
All-AmericanFOX TRAXinPizza, Beer and Football
All-AmericanSrcathyinTHE END
AudibleTroubleMakersMarkinEasy Money
AudibleSwipers ClassicinBest draft for 125
AudibleSwiper OldStyleinNew n Improved Hi Stakes Style
AudibleDouble SwipeinNew Style Hi Stakes
AudibleSwipe ClassicinFriday Nite Main Event TFC Format
AudibleMakers MarkinNew Style Hi Stakes Sat OPEN
AudibleGot Swiper?inWrath of the Titans
AudibleOpen SwipezinSwimming With The Sharks
AudibleLAZER BEAMZinSwimming With The Sharks 2
AudibleFF SWIPERinRespect All, Fear None
AudibleSwiperz StashinSwiper NO Swiping O Man
AudibleNew Swiper StyleinCromartie Time
AudibleNew Swiper HSinwhos LOADED
AudibleHawaiian Happy HrinBrain Freeze
AudibleWeed did ItinMama Rolled a Range Rover Daddy r
AudiblePHUCIN PISSEDinSmoke em if u got em
AudibleSeasonSwipesinHall o Fame Fantasy Kickoff
AudibleLunch coin4 SwiperinCant Find my Shepard
AudibleDeep SwipesinCrows n Dowgz
AudibleFox TrixinNewbie League
AudibleMidnt SwiperinGo Deep H2H-BB-PPR, Top 3 paid
AudibleGreat SwipesinI LIKE THAT IDEA
AudibleChurcheminSunday Service w Rev Swiper
AudibleFranklin SwiperinLet Freedom Ring
AudibleManage ItinDraft Time
AudibleSat Nite US GrantinFriday Nite 12 Teamer 4 Sharks n
AudibleSwiperSayzO MANinRIP Prince
AudibleKing SwipeinClash of the Titans
Audible420 SwipeninDo It Again YO YO
AudibleDerby DraftininThe League
AudibleSwiper AudiinThe Audi Machine
AudibleBack up OptioninThe Trouble Makers Draft
AudibleSwiper TFCinOnly The Strong Survive
AudibleSwiper Get IninAudible Fantasy Showdown
AudibleSwiper 50inCigars and Champagne
AudibleFrikkinLazerBeamzinOnly The Strong Survive
AudibleJammin n SwipeninBob Marley-Red Red Wine
AudibleSwipin MNFinMonday night fiends blind bid
AudibleBlue SwipesinWarriors Come Out To Play
AudibleMini SwipezinRead Before Reading
AudibleUnercard SwipeinLook Ma No Hands
AudibleBrasky inHit Squad League
AudibleBack upsinOmaha! Omaha!
AudibleSwiperz BluezinMonday Night Countdown
AudibleSave by SwiperinFatty's Invitational
AudibleSwiper SummerinMLF Fathers Day 50
AudibleSunday SunsetinTFC Tune Up
AudibleSat Swipe LiveinTFC Tune Up 2.0
AudibleFive Oclock FiftyinIndependence Day League
AudibleFree SwipesinHome of the Brave
AudibleLate Swiperzin The Casino Table
AudibleL8ER SWIPESinLate Night Ballers
AudibleSwiperz 420in3dozen lookie lous
AudibleRev SwiperinDrinking And Smoking Tonight
AudibleRev SwiperzinChucky Calls an Audible
AudibleSwipin AgaininAces Wild
AudibleSunsetzinAudi $50
AudibleSwipe IIin2016 RTS KICKOFF DRAFT
AudibleSat Nite SwipeinSatNiteFun
AudibleSat doubleinJUST WARMING UP
AudibleSwiper DMinBurrito Time
AudibleLate Nite SwipeinTaco Corp
AudibleSWIPER 12inHappy Hour at Paddy's
Audible SWIPER SUN DMinBryant He Gone
AudibleSat Late SwipeinNot So Nightly Draft
AudibleSwiperz on HOPZinTRIPPING BALLS
AudibleSwiper nt LiveinLATE NIGHT DRAFT
AudibleSun SwipeinTahoe Sunset
AudibleSwiprz Happy HrinFill er - time for fun
AudibleSwiperz Happy HrinTueNiteFantasyDelite
AudibleSwipers Deep SleeperzinPage 97 Hammertime
AudibleSwiper MadnessinBunny vs Egg
AudibleSwipers MNFinscore the most points
AudibleSwiperz SleeperzinTueNiteFantasyDelite
AudibleAnother Swipeinmontana vs brady
Audible420 Swipe n Pipein scoring points
AudibleSleepersinsaturday night live
AudibleRay Rice MemorialinMovie Popcorn or Fantasy Draft
AudibleSwiper initinBurrito Time
AudibleMidnite SwiperinTueNiteFunNite
AudibleSwiperz BackinWedNiteHmmmmpNite
AudibleNoSwiping Swiperinget off the field chump
Audible420 SwipeinFF junkies
Audible420 SwiperzinFriNiteDelite
AudibleSwiperz on FireinStrike Out
AudibleFoos me TwiceinFoosa Palooza
AudibleHamms vs PabstsinLand of Sky Blue Waters Invite
AudibleSat late oneinscore the most points u win
AudibleSwiper RoxinTueNiteDelite
AudibleSwiperd AgaininWedNiteHmmmmmmmmper
AudibleSwpers SleeperzinRoons Owes Me Money
AudibleSwipers AgaininRoon Captured
AudibleSwiperz AliveinOneMoreChance
AudibleSwiped inJohnny Football Gets Dumped...Aga
AudibleSwiperinDraft Nite Open
AudibleBaby Joein4NitesToThrones
AudibleSwiperin 2inLefty's Draft Guide AE #1
Audibleget in nowinPost Draft Draftmasters Draft
AudibleSat SwiperininHotwings Strippers Lefty style
AudibleSwiper DMinGolden Throne Day
AudibleKing SwiperinGolden Throne II
AudibleSwiper TENinWinter is Coming
AudibleMon NT SwipeinMonNite drafting
AudibleO MAN inBradford is Madford
Audiblelast swipeinLast Pre-Draft Draft
AudibleSwipe showinLate Night TFC Warmup
AudibleHawaii Happy HrinLeftys Free Agent Sleepers
AudibleRed SwipeinMaybe a Draft?
AudibleSwiper FootballinMonday Nite Draftin
AudibleSwipe RedinIt's not Monday
AudibleSwipe Two ur outinTuesday Where is Rosen?
AudibleRed SwiperinLeftyGuide.Com
AudibleNumber TwoinDiaperLeague1
AudibleSwiper DiaperinDiaper Time!!
AudibleDiaper DousinDiaperLeague 2
AudibleSwiper REDDinDraft ? Maybe ?
AudibleSwiper Sun AMinTitanic Marathon
AudibleTreat yo MommainGolden Throne Mothers Days Editio
AudibleSwiper TimeinThe Guide Wars
AudibleSwiper Bluesinmonday night fun
AudibleSwipe WhiteinLefty vs. Hawk Talk
AudibleRed SwipesinDiaperLeague3
AudibleSwiper FansinFinFans 12er DM
AudibleSunday SwiperzinAfterGOT
AudibleSwipe MNFinMonday Late Night Foosball
AudibleSwiper FrypaninFrying Pan Open
AudibleNo SwipereninSaturday Night Special
AudibleRedd SwipesinFrying Pan Anonymous
AudibleJulio swiperininJulio Jones #35????
AudibleWest SwiperinFootball Draft
AudibleEast SwipeinFootball Draft Late Night
Audibleclose itinLunch is for Losers
AudibleOOMA inOompa Loompa
AudibleqwikiinQuick Fix
AudibleBrasky Big GuyinAfter Party
AudibleSunday SwipersinINDY 500 Race Day Drafting
AudibleFree DM 4 SwiperinMemorial Day Night
AudibleSmoke n BeerinLefty MIA
AudibleSharkz n SwipezinQuick Fix
Audiblesame swipersinB4theGame
AudibleJune SwipeinCatch me if you can
AudibleStripperZ n WingZinQuick Fix
AudibleFiilwrinBeer o clock
AudibleGreenWal SwiperinWalgreens Open
AudibleSwiperz ClazzinFinals Game 2 after party
AudibleSwiperz x SuninGame 2
Audible1 mo 2 ntinMFL - More Fun League
AudiblePM SWIPEZinAfternoon Draft 10/24
AudibleSide Swipesingame up
AudibleGold SwipesinLight It Up Smokey
AudibleMornin SwipininLunch Time Heros
AudibleTwelve X TwentyfourinMFL - More Fun League
AudibleSwiped ur KidslunchinThursKiddieDraft
AudibleWEEKEND SwipezinFriStartsTheWeekend
AudibleHUNGRY SHARKZinThe Greatest
Audibleswoop n swipeinAudi booooooom
AudibleMNF 4 SwiperinBid'em UP
Audibleswiperz MNFinThe Terradome
Audible420 SwiperinMFL Hump Day Challenge
AudibleRed Rox n SwiperinSuper slick draft
AudibleO MANinDraft Addicts Centre
AudibleAftrer Party SwipeinNIGHT OWLS UNITE..lets draft
AudibleTwelve Oclock Somewhereinshut ur mouth or eat flies
AudibleFast SwipeinSaturday Draftin'
AudibleSwiper DadinDADS DAY DRAFT
AudibleLunch moneyinHigh Noon Summer
AudibleMidnite SwipezinMFL Midnight Madness
AudibleSingle SwiparinFriday Night Lights
AudibleJune Sat SwiperinBush Bavarian Invite
Audiblesat draftyinSatNiteDraftNite
Audiblecrack of 11inDM Superflex Skills 10tm PPR
Audible420 swipinginPick Quickly Fool
AudibleSuper swiperzinSuperFelx one
AudibleFlex SwipezinCrack of Eleven Superflex
AudibleChillin w SwiperinGrill and Chill
AudibleSwiper Rox uuinFrying Pan Independence
AudibleSwipers 12erinQuick Fix
AudibleJokers WildinMidnite Tokers N Jokerz
AudiblePissed SwiperinQuick Draft
AudibleTeam 420inHold That Line
AudibleLAX SwiperinQuick Draft
AudibleMon Morrn SwiperinHot Monday
AudibleWknd PrepperinReady for the weekend
AudibleSwiper got UinFriday Draft
AudibleBeachTimezinStill Need More Practice
AudibleswiporinPo Boy Classic
AudibleSide SwipersinWho dat
AudibleSat SwiperzinSaturday Afternoon Fun
AudibleReverand SwiperinBig Game Tuna
AudibleKona SwipeinHump Day Draft Day
AudibleSWIPER fixinQuick fix dm
Audible2am Swipeininto sunday
AudibleWTFinAfter TFC SFLEX
AudibleSWIPERONinOlympic Trojans
AudibleMidnite SwipeinMidniteDrafter
AudibleSwipe DMinK/D before RB2 to hURt UR pride
Draft MastersSwiperKinginSunday Night Football
Draft MastersSwiper JoininDrafturbation
Draft MastersSwiperz Keeperzindm high
Draft MastersAnothr SwipeinBada Bing
Draft MastersSwiper Said SoinLast chance
Draft MastersRoyalSwipeinThe Late Show
Draft MastersSwippperinMasters of the Draft

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonRocco's TeaminChamps League
Full SeasonSwiperz StashinSBFFC DRAFTMASTERS ONE

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RealTime Fantasy Sports:
Top 100 Player
Top 1000 Player
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