Nickname: BIG-NASTY1
Fantasy Player Rank: #73
Fans: 55
Foes: 2

10 Money League Teams

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High StakesBig NastyinMarch Drafting
Audiblebig nasty 1in12 25 Let's Go!
Audiblebig nasty 2inHigh Quality H2 "slow"
AudibleBig Nasty 3inHeros and Zeros - Slow
AudibleBig Nasty 4inBeginner Draft
AudibleBig Nasty 5inAnother Slo One
AudibleBig Nasty 6inSlowNGo
AudibleBig Nasty 7inAnotherSlo1
AudibleBig Nasty 8inSlowJo
Triple PlayBig Nasty inTP Slow 19 XIX

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